How To Measure Content Marketing

This infographic from Brandpoint details how to accurately measure content marketing strategies throughout the buyer journey. It also offers suggestions for boosting content awareness and acceleration.

The State Of Interactive Content Marketing: Statistics And Trends

Bringing static content to life with interactive elements positions B2B marketers to better engage with their audiences. In fact, research shows that 93% of marketers agreed that interactive content is effective in educating buyers versus just 70% for static content. This infographic from GO-Gulf reveals key statistics to help you…

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page

This infographic from LeadForest outlines how B2B companies can craft the perfect landing page through credible testimonials, personalized images and a two-toned color scheme. Creating a landing page with straight-forward copy and a minimalist design can help marketers maximize lead generation, drive engagement and elevate ROI.

What GDPR Means For Marketers

This infographic from Act-On explains how upcoming GDPR regulations are expected to affect marketers. Based on survey data, the infographic shows how many marketers understand GDPR, how much marketers plan to spend on GDPR compliance and more.

15 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

This infographic from Smart Insights provides a unique framework that maps specific AI applications to the customer lifecycle. It also shares examples beyond the initial first purchase to show how AI can be leveraged to expand existing relationships.

Why Virtual Reality Matters To Marketing

Virtual reality is becoming a sophisticated medium for companies to engage buyers. According to WebpageFX, there are 43,000,000 VR users worldwide, giving marketers the opportunity to deliver immersive stories and product demonstrations to a large audience. This infographic from WebpageFX outlines the basics of virtual reality, as well as the…

Divisible Content 101

In the content marketing world, it's expected that teams can produce more with less. One tactic to achieving this is to take a divisible content approach. This infographic from Column Five shares how a content marketing team can get started with a divisible content strategy, while also providing examples and…

Understanding And Maximizing Sales Content ROI

Producing high-quality sales content is vital to fueling conversations later in the buying journey. But there is still room for improvement to measure sales content impact: nearly 20% of marketers have no sales content metrics in place at all. This infographic from Seismic highlights research from the company's recent Sales…