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How Predictive Customer Intelligence Is Changing B2B Marketing

In the age of digital transformation, data has provided marketers with the intelligence they need to cater to audiences. A large majority of B2B organizations leverage predictive customer intelligence to meet buyers’ expectations. This infographic from IBM highlights the state of B2Bcustomer analytics for the digital age.

How To Win Business With B2B Video Marketing

Video is making waves in the B2B space, with many marketers leveraging it to market products, services and events. This infographic from One Productions explores how video is being used forlead generation, brand awareness and customer education, and highlights the benefits of using the medium.

8 Vital Types Of B2B Marketing Content

Content is king, but deciding which type of content best fits your business website strategy can be challenging. This infographic from the Bynder Group highlights eight different types of effective website content you can use to build your brand and drive revenue.

B2B Tech Content Marketing Trends

Research shows that 75% of tech marketers said their organization will product more content thisyear, compared to last year. This infographic from IDG highlights trends in content usage and effectiveness in the tech industry.

How Technographic Data Could Boost Sales

B2B organizations rely on marketing technology in their daily operations, and that technographic data can prove invaluable insights for marketers looking to engage those people from those companies. This infographic from TD Insights spotlights how B2B organizations are using and benefitting from technographic data.

B2B Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

As B2B marketing continues to grow in the digital space, marketers are adopting new technologies, strategies and innovations to meet the needs of the consumer. This infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines provides insights into the latest trends happening in B2B digital marketing and the strategies that cater to the consumer…

Can Marketing & Comms Work Together to Amplify Earned Media Output?

New research from the CMO Council found that 81% of business leaders believe that the change in the business environment (due to social unrest and the fallout from COVID-19) has led to the rise of importance in earned media. This shift has prompted a greater focus on alignment between marketing…

Content Marketing In Times Of Uncertainty

As buyers shift to digital engagement with brands and marketers, having a strong content marketing strategy can alleviate potential engagement issues. This infographic from LinkedIn highlights the impact of content marketing and provides some tips on how to improve your content marketing strategies.