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How Bad Data Hurts B2B Companies

Bad data can hinder the effectiveness of marketing strategies and fail to deliver accurate insights into buyers and prospects. Research shows that 27% of business leaders aren’t even sure how much of their data is accurate. This SalesIntel infographic highlights some of the root causes of bad data, and gives…

B2B vs. B2C Customer Support

As more B2B companies take cues from B2C customer support practices, B2B marketers can become confused by the growing similarities between the two fields. However, this infographic from Team Support highlights the differences between B2B and B2C customer support, allowing B2B marketers to deliver better experiences for their clients.

B2B E-commerce Trends 2020

This infographic from Magneto highlights nine current trends marketing and sales teams need to know to implement their best E-commerce strategy.

Top 5 Content Marketing Trends For 2020

This infographic from Grazitti Interactive highlights five forms of content currently influencing the B2B space, and how marketers can use these trends to improve their content marketing strategies.

7 Ways To Perfect Your B2B Marketing Strategy In 2020

B2B marketers need to constantly refresh their strategies to adapt to shifting buyer expectations, drive engagement and increase customer retention. This infographic from Bizinfor highlights seven ways marketers can improve their marketing strategies in the current marketing space.

The Inbound Marketing Infographic For B2B Companies

For B2B businesses, inbound marketing hinges on providing relevant content to inform buyers’ purchase decisions. This infographic from Penguin Strategies highlights different tactics B2B marketers can use to improve their targeted outreach and foster ROI.

How Social Is B2B?

Research shows that 65% of a salesperson’s time is spent not selling. In this digital age, it’s important to meet buyers on the channels they frequent most. That’s why social selling has such a positive effect on lead generation. Check out this infographic from InsideView to see the impact of…

B2B Lead Generation Statistics Via Email Marketing

Lead generation is integral to sales and marketing success, and email continues to be a key channel to drive demand. This infographic from TDInsights highlights some statistics for marketers to consider when implementing an email marketing strategy or campaign.