The Top 3 Reasons Sales And Marketing Alignment Is Off

Marketing and sales alignment continues to be a commonly discussed issue in the B2B marketplace. So what does it take to achieve alignment? This infographic from InsideView shares stats and figures that highlight what continues to keep marketing and sales teams misaligned in B2B companies.

The Importance Of Influencer Marketing

B2B buyers want a credible source of information when researching a potential purchase. That's why industry influencers have become a popular — and effective — source to connect with a specific target audience in an engaging way. This infographic from Invesp highlights the growing importance of influencer marketing, while also…

Content Marketing 2018: Final Call For Boarding

This infographic from PointVisible shares trends and statistics comparing B2B and B2C content marketing efforts, including insight into usage and creation, budgeting and the percentage of organizations measuring content ROI.

Top 27 Actionable Content Marketing Tips For Every Modern Day Marketer

Everyone is practicing content marketing today, so how do you cut through all the noise? This infographic from Digital Vidya shares a handful of content marketing tips and tricks — backed by data — that can be leveraged to enhance content marketing initiatives at any B2B organization.

2018 CMO Predictions

Revenue responsibility, influencer marketing, Gen Z and AI are just a few topics that are top-ofmind for CMOs in 2018. This infographic from Pan Communications features 11 predictions from executives at companies like Bazaarvoice, InsightSquared, Integrate and more.

Is Your B2B Database Full Of Rotten Apples?

Databases require constant updating because people often change jobs and roles, and companies go out of business or merge. It’s critical to keep the database in tip-top shape all year round in order to avoid working with outdated and incomplete information. This infographic from ZoomInfo highlights best practices for maintaining…

The Current State Of Marketing Measurement And Attribution

Marketing measurement is a top priority for marketing organizations in 2018. This infographic from BrightFunnel highlights how modern marketers need to prioritize attribution and align business goals to important metrics such as pipeline and revenue.

The Actual (Real) Value Of Loyal Customers

This infographic from Bolstra shares in-depth statistics highlighting the benefits of retention marketing. It also highlights how you can properly structure your team to maximize the acquisition and retention of your marketing efforts.