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CMO Council Study Reveals: How To Get It Done In 2021

New research from the CMO Council revealed that more than two-thirds of marketers believe they will see a major uptick in marketing spend, with 70% investing in marketing technology to overhaul their marketing operations. This infographic spotlights specific areas of focus for marketing strategies in 2021, including technology, infrastructure and…

Connect With Today’s Buyer In Channels They Find Most Effective

With buyer expectations constantly shifting, connecting with them is becoming more challenging for B2B marketers. This infographic from identifies the key social channels marketers can leverage to improve their buyer targeting and personalize their messaging and engagement to reach their prospects.

15 Essential Content Strategy Insights For 2021

Content is still king in 2021, especially with physical events and meetings on pause and digital transformation in high gear. Looking to up the ante on your content marketing strategies? This infographic from Insights For Professionals spotlights fifteen insights to help bolster your content strategies, including stats, pain points and…

5 New B2B Customer Engagement Strategies

With the acceleration of digital transformation kicking into full force in 2020 and buyers' needs changing by the day, marketers must take a more creative approach to engaging their customers. This infographic from LinkedIn highlights five new internal and external strategies B2B teams are implementing for optimal customer engagement in…

10 Marketing Trends For 2021

As B2B marketers gain a foothold in 2021, they must keep track of ongoing industry trends to stay ahead of the game. This infographic from Liana Technologies highlights 10 different trends, strategies and types of content that have helped B2B marketers get a head start in 2021.

The State Of Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be a top engagement channel for B2B marketers, with 89% of marketers stating they believe their email marketing strategies are successful. This infographic from Campaign Monitor highlights some statistics about effective email tactics and key metrics for measuring email campaign performance.

Latest Trends In Social Media Marketing: B2B Vs. B2C

Social media marketing is a totally separate ballgame for B2B orgs. This infographic from Grazitti Interactive highlights the major differences between B2B and B2C social media and identifies which platforms and strategies should aid your B2B social media journey.

Why Is Branding Essential For B2B Sites?

In this age of digital transformation, marketers are relying more on their branded websites to drive growth and increase buyer engagement. This infographic from Commerce Shop highlights key stats on the importance of branding in B2B and how it can influence a buyer’s decision-making process and drive greater sales.

Counting Down The Top 10 B2B Marketing Trends For 2021

With a new year bringing new challenges, marketers are exploring strategies such as referrals, search engine marketing and brand awareness to connect with audiences in 2021. These trends and more are spotlighted in this infographic from SageFrog Marketing Group, based on recent research in the company’s 2021 B2B Marketing Mix…