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The Inbound Marketing Infographic For B2B Companies

For B2B businesses, inbound marketing hinges on providing relevant content to inform buyers’ purchase decisions. This infographic from Penguin Strategies highlights different tactics B2B marketers can use to improve their targeted outreach and foster ROI.

How Social Is B2B?

Research shows that 65% of a salesperson’s time is spent not selling. In this digital age, it’s important to meet buyers on the channels they frequent most. That’s why social selling has such a positive effect on lead generation. Check out this infographic from InsideView to see the impact of…

B2B Lead Generation Statistics Via Email Marketing

Lead generation is integral to sales and marketing success, and email continues to be a key channel to drive demand. This infographic from TDInsights highlights some statistics for marketers to consider when implementing an email marketing strategy or campaign.

Inside The B2B Tech Purchase

When marketing IT and B2B tech solutions, marketers need to understand the buyer, their needs and the reasons why they are buying. This infographic from ZDNet highlights potential buyer motivations and different tech categories that shape the B2B tech purchase process.

Am I Reaching & Engaging With The Right People In The DMU?

When marketing to an individual within a decision-making unit (DMU), it’s important to understand their specific roles for maximum engagement. This infographic from InboxInsight highlights the six major individuals in a DMU and identifies action points marketers can take for efficient outreach and engagement.

10 Essential Features For B2B E-commerce

With the rise of online sales, marketers are looking for the most effective ways to launch their E-commerce platforms. This infographic from 3DCart spotlights ten strategies marketers can use to successfully launch an E-commerce platform and stand out from the competition.

Making Maximum Use Of Your B2B Digital Marketing

Without in-person engagement, marketers have quickly pivoted their strategies to a digital-only environment. Even more so now that 94% of buyers start their purchasing journey online. Check out this infographic from Lead Forensics to make sure your business uses its digital marketing strategy to its fullest potential.

Top Five Content Marketing Trends For 2020

Content is king, especially in our new virtual world. In fact, a recent Demand Gen Report survey revealed that 67% of respondents rely even more on content to research and inform purchase decisions than the year prior. This infographic from Grazitti Interactive spotlights five trends all marketers should know when…