Social Media Statistics That Matter For Your Business In 2019

As the number of social media users increases, having a strong social media presence will continue to be essential for businesses to better connect with prospects and customers. This infographic from Statusbrew highlights notable statistics on major social media marketing platforms.

Top Twitter Trends In Content Marketing In 2019

With over 326 million users, Twitter has become a go-to platform for sharing trends with large audiences. This infographic from SEMrush lists the most popular content marketing-related hashtags, topics, visual content and influencers on Twitter.

The Rise Of Revenue Operations

The number of revenue operations job titles on LinkedIn is growing rapidly, as evidenced by a 73% increase in "Directors of Revenue Operations" positions between October and December 2018. This infographic from Clari offers insights into the rise of revenue operations and outlines the key benefits of revenue operations teams,…

The 2019 State Of Content Marketing

Almost half (41%) of marketing budgets are now spent on content marketing, up from 23% in 2018. This infographic from HubSpot outlines other key statistics from its third annual State of Content Marketing Survey, including that 15% fewer marketers are using influencers and the number one metric for measuring content…

2019 Trends In Personalization

This infographic from Evergage highlights new research on personalization trends in B2B, including that 98% of marketers believe personalization can advance customer relationships and 74% believe it should be a bigger priority in their business.

LinkedIn State Of Sales: Some Numbers To Help You Hit Yours

This infographic from LinkedIn reveals key findings from its third-annual State of Sales Report, including that top sales reps are 13% more likely to engage closely with marketing and 51% of decision makers say trust is the number one attribute they want in a salesperson.

4 Problems With Marketing Automation

This infographic from ZoomInfo details four of the top marketing automation challenges, such as data decay and poor customer acquisition, and offers actionable steps to help marketers overcome them.

Sales Vs. Marketing: Fight For The Throne

The final season of "Game of Thrones" may be here but the fight for the throne between sales and marketing is sure to continue. In this infographic, Salesforce Pardot explores the rivalry between the two departments, what the key territories and major battles are and more.