5-Step Checklist For Webinar Planning

This infographic from ON24 outlines the five crucial steps for planning a successful webinar, including understanding your audience, considering webinar type and format, coordinating a plan of action and more.

Mount Revenue And Relationship Marketing

This infographic from Sigstr offers insight into the gap between customer relationships and revenue, including that 52% of marketers have a structured ABM program but only half are achieving their revenue goals. It also outlines key steps to closing more deals, such as aligning sales and marketing, leveraging a relationship…

How To Increase Sales Productivity

This infographic from ZoomInfo offers valuable statistics on sales productivity, such as 42% of sales reps feel they do not have the right information before making a call and only 52% feel they are effective at reaching key players at target accounts.

Getting Emotional In B2B Marketing

Buyers are 50% more likely to make a purchase based on emotional factors than functional value, according to new research from LinkedIn. This infographic reveals key findings on the value of incorporating emotion into B2B marketing campaigns and offers best practices for doing so.

ABM Hits And Headaches

This infographic from Uberflip outlines the top priorities of marketers diving into ABM, as well as the most common challenges they face upon execution.

The Benefits Of Aligning IT And Marketing

Thought leaders tend to focus on the benefits of aligning marketing and sales, but the IT department should not be overlooked. According to this infographic from ClickDimensions, 78% of IT professionals think they work collaboratively with marketing, yet only 58% of marketers agree.