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A Mix-And-Match Content Strategy

You can't have just one — and that includes potato chips and types of content. This infographic from marketing firm ContentPlus explores the benefits of the most popular content types and how including the right mix in your content strategy can lead to great results.

Infographic: Boosting Marketing’s Business Relevance

Top marketers are using marketing analytics to predict future outcomes as well as report on the performance of past campaigns. That was one of the findings of the ITSMA/VEM/Forrester 2013 Marketing Performance Management Survey highlighted in this infographic.

Infographic: Effective Communication Keeps Customers Happy

With so many different ways to reach customers, it’s all about finding the best and most personalized channel. In this infographic, Couch & Associates rounded up some statistics to show just how important communication is for marketers.

Infographic: The Benefits Of Mobile Marketing Automation

Today’s B2B marketers understand the importance of enterprise mobility, timely follow up,  immediate access to marketing collateral, and the ability to track prospect activities at anytime. But, they still have to keep their eye on ROI and alignment with the sales team. This infographic from FatStax, a mobile platform provider,…

Infographic: Tips For Content Marketing Across Industries

Each industry sector has its own unique requirements when it comes to content marketing. This infographic from Poweredbysearch,  a provider of search optimization services, provides some content marketing suggestions for various industries.

Infographic: How Online Content Drives B2B Buying Decisions

A recent report by the CMO Council and NetLine reveals that 87% of B2B buyers say online content has a major or moderate impact on vendor selection. But vendors get low marks for the value and trustworthiness of their online content, rating content produced by professional organizations and industry groups…

Infographic: Making The Case For Repurposing Content

Marketers are expected to spend $118.4 billion on content marketing in 2013, so they need to make the most of this investment by reworking existing content in other formats. This infogaphic from Active Internet Marketing makes the case for taking a piece of content you’ve already own and giving it…