The Current State Of Marketing Measurement And Attribution

Marketing measurement is a top priority for marketing organizations in 2018. This infographic from BrightFunnel highlights how modern marketers need to prioritize attribution and align business goals to important metrics such as pipeline and revenue.

The Actual (Real) Value Of Loyal Customers

This infographic from Bolstra shares in-depth statistics highlighting the benefits of retention marketing. It also highlights how you can properly structure your team to maximize the acquisition and retention of your marketing efforts.

Top 5 Marketing Trends For Small Business In 2018

The B2B marketing space is complex, especially for SMBs that have limited resources and bandwidth to stay competitive. This infographic highlights new research from Infusionsoft that forecasts the landscape for SMBs in 2018 and offers key trends and takeaways for better digital marketing.

Give The Gift Of Automated Data Maintenance

Research shows that 62% of organizations rely on inaccurate data. This highlights an importance for ongoing data maintenance to keep marketing and sales teams stocked with high-quality insights. This infographic from ZoomInfo shares insight on the benefits of automated database maintenance for B2B businesses.

Content Marketing Platforms: How To Choose

With adoption rates and budgets continuing to increase for B2B organizations, according to the Content Marketing Institute, it’s vital for marketers to differentiate between the plethora of content marketing platforms and marketplaces available to them. This infographic from Izea highlights the key differences, benefits, features and functionalities between content marketing…

How New Trends Amplify Your ABM Strategy

Staying on top of B2B marketing trends is crucial to staying ahead of competitors — and top of mind with prospective customers. They can also have supplemental benefits to ABM efforts. This infographic from Engagio highlights a variety of new trends in the B2B marketplace that can have a positive…

Why Now Is The Time To Take On ABM

By now, a majority B2B organizations know that ABM is right for their business. But the real question is: how do practitioners make the most of their ABM efforts? This infographic from BrightFunnel shares tips and best practices to make the most of your ABM efforts, while also reinforcing those…

Are SMBs Leading The Marketing Automation Boom?

This infographic from iDatalabs and MarTech Advisor shares key stats and figures highlighting the growth of marketing automation over the past three years, while also revealing where marketing automation adoption has grown the most and the components driving that growth.