Resources Fri, 22 Nov 2019 04:19:20 -0500 en-gb Partner Sales Enablement: The Mission-Critical Component Of ROI Generating Channel Programs Partner Sales Enablement: The Mission-Critical Component Of ROI Generating Channel Programs

Prioritizing partner sales enablement is critical to driving the success of channel programs. As B2B buyer authority shifts to extremely discerning decision makers in business units, partner sales agents must be supported with channel tools that provide easy, on-demand access to the information they need.

It's equally important that vendors invest in comprehensive solutions that optimize coordination among channel management, sales and marketing teams to identify and support eager-to-engage partner sales agents.

With modern channel solutions, channel teams can:

  • Provide sales materials including battlecards, call sheets and sales scripts;
  • Enable partner sales and marketing collaboration;
  • Monitor client/customer buying journey activity; and
  • Support partner onboarding and sales training.

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Intent Data’s Expanding Impact Intent Data’s Expanding Impact

The category of intent data has drawn significant interest and buzz over the past five years, as both sales and marketing professionals flocked to the concept of identifying buying signals from prospects.

Now, as B2B organizations move beyond the "shiny new toy" phase, their maturity and commitment have advanced to viewing intent data as an integral layer of intelligence in their revenue funnel and a critical component of their overall go-to-market strategies.

However, because intent data is still a relatively new tool and its utilization is spreading so quickly across revenue operations, it comes with some challenges, as companies look to normalize data across multiple sources and efficiently manage the handling of data across different departments.

In the following report, we will further examine:

  • The impact that intent data currently has on B2B revenue operations;
  • The expanding business use cases for where intent data is being integrated across strategic areas;
  • The challenges organizations face when managing and integrating intent data; and
  • The opportunities to add efficiency and increase the impact of intent data moving forward.

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The Playbook For Developing 3D Buyer Profiles The Playbook For Developing 3D Buyer Profiles

Today’s tools and technologies are positioned to provide marketers with an endless supply of buyer data right at their fingertips. But, none of that data is as insightful as information delivered directly from the buyer themselves.

Marketers must use a combination of demographic, behavioral and self- declared data to get a complete view of the buyer. This digital human-to-human connection better positions companies to cater experiences to target audiences and, ultimately, close deals. In these pages, this guide will uncover:

  • What self-declared data is and ways to obtain it;
  • How to use this data to correlate intent and optimize content for key audiences;
  • How a three-data view can fill gaps in the database, drive self-selected nurtures and warm up sales conversations;
  • Why webinars are key to generating self- declared data;
  • Best practices for extending engagement via Q&As, polls and widgets; and
  • Success stories of how companies, such as Genesys, Hortonworks and Sage Intacct, are collecting and leveraging self- declared insights to enhance customer and prospect experiences.

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Video Marketing Statistics For 2020 Video Marketing Statistics For 2020

With video marketing growing at a staggering rate, it is obvious that the foreseeable future is increasingly favoring more visual content. The below infographic from breadnbeyond shares some useful information about video usage, video trends and more.

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LinkedIn For B2B Lead Generation: Why, When, How LinkedIn For B2B Lead Generation: Why, When, How

While LinkedIn may serve as a business-focused environment unlike other social media tools, it can also help users more proactively acquire new business. This infographic from Oktopost discusses specific methods and timeframes best for generating B2B leads through LinkedIn.

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How To Get Started With Revenue Operations How To Get Started With Revenue Operations

Airing On December 11 @ 2 PM ET

Revenue Operations is being hailed as the new mandate for B2B companies to accelerate growth. This fundamentally new go-to-market approach bridges the operational silos between sales, marketing and customer success. But how do you exactly do it and what is the best way to get started? Join this webcast to hear LeanData CMO Karen Steele walk through a framework on how to begin and succeed with RevOps.

Attend to learn how to:

  • Implement a Revenue Operations function and roll it out within your company;
  • Access a proven framework for Revenue Operations;
  • Align teams, data and processes across your company; and
  • Create SLAs and metrics to measure success.

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Karen Steele Karen Steele

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5 Ways To Increase Google Analytics Effectiveness With IP Address Intelligence 5 Ways To Increase Google Analytics Effectiveness With IP Address Intelligence

Marketers have historically sacrificed the customer experience in exchange for empowering sales with contact information.

With anywhere between 90% to 98% of website visitors abandoning a site without converting, we've built a culture of optimizing for the few, rather than the many.

Check out this white paper to learn five easy ways that integrating IP address intelligence into Google Analytics will deliver increased revenue and a better customer experience.

You'll get answers to questions such as:

  • How can I incorporate paid search into my account-based marketing strategy?
  • How can I get more out of LinkedIn and other post-click social or native campaigns?
  • How can I optimize my website for revenue, not just leads?
  • How can I truly measure the impact of post-view (out-of-home, display, and video) initiatives?
  • How can I better set my sales team up for success?

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5 Types Of Social Media Content Your Followers Will Love to Share 5 Types Of Social Media Content Your Followers Will Love to Share

Social media's impact has spread beyond just individual users, with it now almost being a requirement for brands looking to reach their audience where they frequent the most. For companies that feel like they're struggling to generate engagement on social media posts, this infographic from Next Day Flyers presents five types of content guaranteed to increase social shares rate.

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The B2B Millennial Buyer Survey Report The B2B Millennial Buyer Survey Report

As businesses look to better their efforts to meet Millennial buying preferences and target their priorities, they must also help them overcome additional hurdles in the purchase process. This includes removing friction and complexity from the buying journey to speed up the process, as well as gaining trust from their superiors and colleagues.

This report will share findings from our survey data, while also providing tips and best practices for incorporating it all into future marketing and sales efforts. Topics of discussion include:

  • Millennial buyers' shifting content preferences towards peer-to-peer recommendations and "people-like-me" use cases;
  • Millennial challenges and the need to adopt a buyer enablement mentality to overcome them;
  • The importance of tailored, streamlined digital experiences in the Millennial buying journey;
  • The growing emphasis of social media, messaging apps and more; and
  • Millennial expectations for self-service/E-commerce buying options.

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What’s Working In Intent-Based Strategies? What’s Working In Intent-Based Strategies?

Sales & Marketing Teams Turning To Signal Data To Inform Content Offers & Channel Mix To Reach Buyers At Key Stages

Context and relevance are table stakes in B2B marketing and selling, as buyers expect vendors to understand their needs, pain points and expectations. With that said, progressive organizations are utilizing intent data as a foundational layer of their go-to-market efforts.

This report will provide an assessment on how best-in-class B2B organizations are utilizing intent data throughout their entire organization. It will share expert insights from analysts and practitioners alike, highlighting specifically what's working — and what's not — with intent data in B2B marketing and sales, including:

  • The current state of intent data as a practice in the marketplace;
  • Where intent data is benefiting channel selection to optimize marketing and sales outreach;
  • The impact of intent data on TAM assessment and personalization strategies;
  • How intent data is driving results for content syndication initiatives;
  • The value of first- and third-party intent data used in tandem; and
  • An in-depth case study with LogMeIn, detailing how intent data is utilized in the company's go-to-market initiatives.

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