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4 Key Results Of Advanced Marketing Planning

In order to drive revenue goals, marketing executives in B2B organizations must collaborate with different functions and business units. While the alignment of marketing and sales goals has long been essential, the most successful marketing plans are also aligned with the goals of functions and business units across the organization. How can B2B marketers better align their marketing goals with…

Why Influencer Marketing Is The Next Big Thing

Research shows 59% percent of marketers are planning to increase their influencer marketing budgets over the next 12 months. This infographic from Dot Com Infoway highlights additional key statistics about the rise of influencer marketing, as well as the benefits of investing in influencers.

11 Exciting B2B Marketing Trends You Need To Know In 2019

December is finally here and planning for 2019 is in full swing. This infographic from Brafton outlines 11 trends B2B marketers must master in 2019 to stay successful, including marketing podcasts, customer experience and reoptimization.

The 2018 Marketing Impact Report

At a "current state" level, this report shows that priorities for SaaS enterprises are clearly focused on proving the impact of marketing campaigns, as 92% of those surveyed said it was a growing priority for their company. However, the efforts to prove that impact are decidedly in development. Some companies still struggle with proving it, as 71% of respondents said…

The Audience & Demand Planning Benchmark Survey Report

Marketing's ability to be effective and efficient is directly related to how much a company knows about its customers and total audience. Having the right total audience metrics — insights that go a step beyond the traditional total addressable market assessment — is necessary for key marketing tasks, such as persona modeling, potential customer identification, buyer journey creation, account-based marketing…

The Birth Of The B2B Consumer

Your B2B buyer is living in an on-demand world. Netflix serves up personalized recommendations to encourage their next binge, Amazon makes it easy to re-up on their favorite products and Instacart knows when they're about to run out of milk. But at the office, their experience is very different. The on-demand economy has changed everything about how people expect to…

2019 Database Strategies & Contact Acquisition Survey Report

Improvements In Data Initiatives Continue As B2B Orgs Strive To Meet Buyer Expectations, Privacy Regulations Effective database management and contact acquisition practices are the lifeblood of effective marketing and sales efforts. As buyers grow to expect more meaningful, relevant engagement and information during the buying process, companies must position themselves with the right insights to meet those expectations. Last year's…

Post-Event Workflow

This infographic from Lead Liaison walks you through the necessary steps to nurture prospects post-event, including sending a thank you text 60 minutes later, an email 24 hour later and a follow-up call from sales for prospects with a high lead score.

Snackable Content: Crisp, Effective And Satisfying

The best content is crisp, clear and creative enough to capture buyer attention. This infographic from DataCaptive outlines how B2B marketers can create successful, snackable content, such as podcasts, infographics, interactive videos and more.
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