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AI-Fueled Lookalike Modeling: An Enterprise Guide To Self-Tuning Campaigns

Gartner's Innovation Insight: Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Marketing report predicts that in the next several years, AI will enable numerous marketing applications, including natural-language conversational experiences, real-time personalization and automatic content. Another practice that can benefit from AI is lookalike modeling, an emerging sales and marketing application whose value proposition is to put qualified leads into the funnel, while streamlining…

6 Easy Steps To Kickstart A Killer CXM Program

"The customer is always right!" Right? Maybe not. But now that customers can interact with your business on multiple channels, and broadcast their opinions in an instant, "always" takes on a whole new meaning. Although tracking and responding to customer issues across touchpoints may seem daunting, the reality is you can easily and proactively delight customers with a solid customer…

2019 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey Report

Growing Investment Into Revenue Creation Fuels Adoption Of New Tactics & Tech For Campaign Analysis, Account Targeting And Nurture Initiatives This year's Demand Generation Benchmark Survey showed that larger chunks of marketing budgets are now being allocated to demand generation initiatives and ABM adoption as the continued goal to drive more revenue grows at an alarming rate. Close to three-quarters…

B2B Marketing In 2019: Trend Barometer

This infographic from Spiceworks analyzes which B2B trends are all the rage amongst modern marketers, including video marketing (68%) and ABM (64%), and which trends are still on the rise, such as chatbots (30%) and VR/AR (14%).

Are We Doing This? 10 B2B Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019

What strategies, tactics and technology will B2B marketers be exploring in 2019? This report features the top 10 B2B marketing trends to watch in 2019, chosen by 200 of your B2B peers. While personalization as a theme weaved its way through many of our top trends, a return to data and old-school approaches was not far behind. Read on to…

Six Tell-Tale Signs Of A Great Marketing Writer

A solid content marketing strategy is reliant upon skillful, creative writers. This infographic from Brafton highlights six essential traits of the best content creators, including the ability to learn quickly, versatility and an understanding of people and content.

Six Steps To Data Quality In Marketing Automation

Seventy-four percent of B2B companies do not have a sophisticated approach to data quality, according to Romanoff Consultants. This infographic highlights six key ways marketers can improve data quality, including preforming a data audit, implementing email alerts and more.

Maximize Your Trade Show ROI With Conversational AI

Accounting for nearly one-quarter of all planned meetings in the United States, trade shows are one of the biggest spends for any organization. Although the intangible benefits are priceless, most marketers articulate success in terms of opportunities generated, so every activity must be focused on and translated to more customer data, enriched leads and documented interactions with influencers and decision…

2019 Marketing Automation Outlook Guide

Practitioners & Experts Share Predictions For Avoiding The Tech Rabbit Hole In 2019 & Focusing On Cross-Department Goals Navigating the current tech landscape can make marketers feel like they're falling down a rabbit hole. But there is one constant in the mad world of martech: marketing automation systems are the central location for go-to-market strategies, and B2B organizations are looking…

Email Statistics By The Numbers

This infographic from MailPoet details key email marketing statistics, such as the average office worker checks their email 30x per hour and adding videos to emails can increase click rates by as much as 300%.
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