LeadsRx Launches Version 3.0 Of Attribution Platform

Published: May 4, 2020

LeadRx Inc., a marketing attribution platform, has announced Version 3.0 of LeadsRx Attribution. The improved platform aims to help businesses and marketing agencies deepen customer relations and achieve higher return on ad spending (ROAS).


Version 3.0 provides an Open Attribution API Dashboard that connects users directly to marketing data they are searching for via a tagging system that filters client accounts according to their preferences and needs. This creates marketing touchpoints for a business’ attribution model, leading to more accurate ROAS. The dashboard also provides users with IDEA Assessment, which shares details on how a campaign contributes to an attribution model’s success based on the analysis of inputted factors.

Version 3.0 also has a new broadcast TV function that allows advertising agencies to incorporate commercial times and adjust for attribution, geo-fencing, low-reach networks, network overlap and more. The feature provides full credit to the TV or radio in use, performing attribution multiple times while advertisements play.


Leads Rx Attribution is a preconfigured and ready-to-use solution for marketing teams of all sizes – from marketing agencies and their clients, broadcasters and brands.

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Leads Rx Attribution 3.0 can integrate with marketing software such as Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, Linkedin, Survey Monkey and more.


The service is priced at $800 a month.


LeadsRx Attribution features Incremental Profile Data that allows businesses to see prospect data added at each step in the sales funnel. LeadsRx Attribution aims to define sales funnels based on conversions, adding visualization to see the customer’s journey through various stages in the sales funnel. This allows businesses to better understand how prospects are identifying with a brand and developing trust as they become customers. It also helps marketing teams focus on funnel movement, developing programs that avoid bottlenecks and delays.


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