Nimble Helps Marketing Organizations Turn Social Media Communities Into Customers

Published: April 17, 2012

By making Nimble available throught the Google Chrome Web Store, the company says it will give small businesses easier access to the solution and, in turn, help them to optimize their social-network marketing efforts.

“Our immediate availability in the Google Chrome Web Store makes it even easier for the millions of small businesses who are leveraging social media and cloud computing to more effectively engage with their customers and grow their businesses,” said Gilles Marchand, Co-Founder and VP Product, Nimble, in a press release.

Nimble is integrated with a variety of other cloud applications, such as Hubspot for social marketing, as well as Wufoo and MailChimp.

Other features currently available on the Nimble platform include:

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  1. A unified inbox to track relevant conversations across social networks;
  2. A central location to view connections, send messages, add tasks and events, or edit/download contact profiles;
  3. Seamless integration to outside sources, such as Hubspot, to support sales and marketing initiatives, including campaign development and lead management; and
  4. Connected activity management via calendar syncing across platforms and other third-party calendaring systems.

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