PX Launches Lead-To-Call Tracking Service

Published: April 27, 2020

PX, a leads and sales optimization platform, has launched Lead to Call Tracking, designed to help marketers measure the actual time of response from the instant a consumer submits a form and the time it takes their call center to begin outreach. Additionally, marketers can benchmark this data to see how they perform in true response time.


Lead to Call Tracking provides users with end-to-end measurement of their sales funnels to improve the effectiveness of their lead and call buying. The PX platform already aims to enable users to combine their in-house sales data with PX’s source management, lead-scoring and lead-tracking data, providing a way to accurately predict the real ROI of every channel, lead source and subID.


Lead to Call Tracking is aimed at marketers seeking to track and optimize their response times.


This Speed-to-Lead solution is compatible with PX’s Open Exchange and Private Marketplaces.

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Pricing is based on a user’s performance using PX’s solution.


PX aims to provide data that helps users measure their ROI, make informed buying decisions and access precise tracking of lead creation and dialing data. PX also aims to improve the effectiveness of the industry’s lead generation and call marketing by benchmarking data consumers can compare to their peers.


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