Showpad Releases Shared Spaces To Facilitate 1:1 Sales Conversations

Published: July 23, 2018

Shared Spaces, a new sales enablement platform from Showpad, aims to help sales teams build custom sites for prospects and facilitate personalized interactions between buyers and sellers. It is positioned to provide a secure and navigable space where relevant content can be easily tracked and shared for an improved buyer experience.


Shared Spaces is a tool to help sales teams move toward account-based selling. It is designed to help salespeople share content with prospects through a controlled, secure and personalized web page.

Buyers can ask questions directly on each piece of content shared, eliminating multiple requests for information and allowing for real-time edits. Sales teams can then respond to questions in the platform, which enables them to track content engagement and customer interactions.

Shared Spaces aims to foster one-on-one conversations that are seamless and collaborative to accelerate the sales cycle.

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Shared Spaces is an optimal solution for B2B sales teams in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, chemical, medical devices and more.


The tool is supported on Showpad’s browser-based web application.


Shared Spaces is available to customers of Showpad’s Plus and Ultimate packages. Pricing information is available here.


Showpad serves more than 1,000 customers across the globe, including Johnson & Johnson, BASF, Honeywell and Merck.


Shared Spaces is designed to help simplify B2B buying journeys, which can include double-digit file shares, multiple touchpoints and several months of discovery. It aims to provide the best solution for creating a customized selling experience.


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