Socedo Debuts Demand Gen System For Social Media

Published: August 1, 2016

Socedo is a demand generation system designed to empower marketers to discover, engage and qualify prospects through social media to generate revenue at scale.


Socedo enables marketers to find their ideal prospects on Twitter through conversational, bio and location keywords. Once a user inputs their target keywords, Socedo searches through Twitter and automatically discovers the prospects who fit the criteria. Unlike traditional lead lists, Socedo’s system uses real-time social behavior to qualify leads.

In Socedo, a marketer can create customizable workflows to engage with many prospects at once, while making each interaction feel personalized and relevant. You can also follow prospects, engage with their tweets and send direct messages to Twitter users on a brand’s behalf. By taking this approach, marketers can find and deliver to the audience most receptive to their content.

Socedo also enables marketers to A/B test their direct messages, as well as provide metrics such as click-through rate, response rate and conversion rate on each direct message and each keyword used in the search.

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Socedo can provide more than 50 data points on the leads it discovers, including the lead’s social profiles, information about their company and job, email addresses, phone numbers and relevant tweets. A marketer can also monitor the social activities of existing leads in their database and track how these leads interact with relevant keywords and hashtags, such as a company’s Twitter handle, competitors, industry events and influencers. This data can automatically sync with a marketing automation system or a CRM system. Marketers can use this real-time social data to identify their best leads, develop more accurate lead scoring models and trigger new automated campaigns with tailored messaging. Salespeople can use this data to prioritize their leads and have more personalized conversations (via email or on the phone).


Socedo’s target users include B2B demand generation marketers who want to find high-quality leads, marketing operations managers and social media teams.


Socedo integrates with Marketo, Hubspot and Salesforce. A marketer can sync Socedo leads into these systems and follow up with their new leads immediately.


Socedo is a SaaS platform with a monthly subscription structure. All agreements come with a six-month commitment at minimum. Pricing varies based on how many prospects users want to engage with through the Socedo system each day, and how many leads with emails they want to sync over to their marketing automation or CRM system. Pricing also varies by number of campaigns users run, and whether they want to integrate Socedo with their CRM or marketing automation system.


Current Socedo clients include Lenovo, Mulesoft, Microsoft, Eventbrite, Apigee and Influence & Co.


Socedo bridges the gap between social media marketing/social media management tools and lead generation/marketing automation and CRM systems. The platform can provide marketers a way to discover their leads on social media, capture the interest of their prospects and get their contact information into CRM and marketing automation systems for follow-up.


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