Uberflip Introduces AI-Powered Content Recommendation Solution

Published: September 18, 2017

Uberflip AI is designed to give marketers the ability to fuse the art of marketing with the power of artificial intelligence. The solution aims to help marketers recommend content to their audiences. The company said its AI-based recommendation engine creates deeper content engagement, more personalized content experiences, and accelerates sales cycles for marketers and salespeople.


Features of Uberflip AI include:

Visitor Insights — Leveraging a direct integration with Bombora, Uberflip AI includes a dashboard of detailed visitor insights, such as topics of visitor intent and demographic data surrounding their company and industry. Marketers can use this information to determine what topics and content are resonating with their visitors before they even reach their site, as well as potential gaps and opportunities in their content strategy. 

Content Recommendations — Using Uberflip AI, marketers can present personalized content recommendations in a variety of different layouts and locations throughout their Hub to boost engagement and conversion rates with content. Using machine learning algorithms that adapt to a visitor’s behavior, Uberflip AI adjusts and improves its personalized recommendations over time.

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AI Website Widget — Marketers can strategically place AI-powered recommendations on their websites to get the most interactions possible, seamlessly alongside Uberflip Hubs. By enhancing key pages with relevant content recommendations, marketers can increase visitor engagement and encourage behavior that will lead buyers further down the funnel.


Uberflip and Uberflip AI are aimed at marketers and organizations who are looking to increase conversions and funnel velocity by leveraging content throughout their buyer journey. Uberflip empowers business groups like content marketing, demand gen, sales and success teams to increase content engagement and provide more personalized content experiences.


Uberflip AI leverages an integration with Bombora to gather visitor intent data from across their co-op network of thousands of websites. The company said those insights are then used to power the content recommendation engine.  Uberflip AI helps marketers increase engagement and Form CTA conversions across their Hub and website. Uberflip Form CTAs send new leads directly to their marketing automation platform via existing marketing automation integrations with platforms such as Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot.


Uberflip AI is a cloud solution that is an enhancement to the core Uberflip platform and is purchased as an additional product module.


Beta customers of Uberflip AI include Revinate, Dude Solutions and Zilliant.


Uberflip AI combines marketer insight with true artificial intelligence, according to the company. It uses machine learning algorithms that adapt to a visitor’s behavior and browsing history across the web. Marketers then have the choice of setting recommendation rules, letting AI decide, or leveraging a combination of both. The result is recommendations that are more personalized, relevant, and engaging.  With the Uberflip AI website widget, marketers can also leverage their existing content and make powerful recommendations across their other web properties.


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