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Eloqua And Kapost Announce Partnership To Integrate Content Marketing, Demand Generation Activities

and Kapost today announced a technology integration that enables marketers to create, publish and promote marketing-relevant content, and to see its impact on the buyer's journey.

The integration effort, according to the two companies, is focused on providing visibility into how individual pieces of content boost a company's fans and followers, as well as into which prospects consumed which content assets. Users can connect leads in their database to individual pieces of content published through the Kapost platform by installing the app from the Eloqua AppCloud.

"I care about two things: the funnel and content marketing," said Heidi Melin, Chief Marketing Officer of Eloqua, in a press release. "Why? Because content is the fuel that drives prospects from one stage to the next. Our Kapost integration not only allows marketers to build a high performance content marketing machine, but it also gives them visibility into which leads are digesting their content."

"Content is all the rage, but for many marketers it's proven unwieldy," said Toby Murdock, CEO and Co-Founder of Kapost. "By bringing our workflow and distribution platform together with the most powerful marketing automation solution out there, we're giving marketers an unprecedented view into their content's impact all the way down the chain, from awareness to social to how leads are responding."

To mark their partnership, Eloqua and Kapost have also released an E-book that calculates the return on investment for content marketing. Content Marketing ROI: Why Content Marketing Can Become Your Most Productive Channel explores the investment required to run a strategic content marketing program, and identifies benefits marketers can expect to realize from that investment. The E-book compares the ROI of content marketing to paid search, which boasts the highest return of all digital marketing tactics.

Joe Chernov, VP of Content for Eloqua, said that the ability to track and measure content marketing ROI will drive its growth as a must-have marketing tool. "Content marketing is sometimes derided as the latest buzzword, which of course is code for trivial or ephemeral," Chernov stated. "You know, a practice that has yet to 'earn its stripes' in the way that say search, direct or demand marketing has. It just so happens that this particular 'buzzword' generates a higher return than any of your other marketing practices. The smart money says content marketing is about to shift from marketing buzzword to boardroom mandate."