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V12 Group Launches Multichannel Marketing Automation Platform

V12 Group logoTechnology and data company V12 Group has announced the release of Launchpad, an automated marketing platform that offers marketers a view of all customer interactions across multiple marketing channels.

This proprietary platform addresses the unique challenges faced by marketers with franchise and other distributed organizations, providing the ability to simultaneously track multiple campaigns in various geographies, according to company officials.

"The new platform is a game-changer for helping mid-sized businesses and SMBs reach beyond their existing customer base to engage with new prospects who look just like their existing customers,” said Paul Chachko, Founder and CEO of V12 Group. He added that the Launchpad interface enables concurrent, cross-channel outreach to prospects based on criteria set by marketers.

Baesman Marketing, a provider of direct marketing solutions, was a beta user of the portal. "The underpinning of Launchpad is a highly flexible, integrated and robust marketing platform that will allow us to enhance our existing offerings,” said Jeff Sopko, VP of the Strategic Consulting Group at Baseman. “The platform fits well within our 'managed services' capabilities."