Lead Scoring

Identifying leads that are most likely to convert is key to a productive sales and marketing relationship. This section highlights strategies for accurately scoring leads as they enter the buying cycle, as well as the latest the tools to predict which leads are most likely to close.

KiteDesk Enhances FIND Product With Lead Targeting By Technologies

KiteDesk is a sales prospecting software that enables salespeople to pursue leads using information such as lead data, email, phone, calendar and reports. The company recently upgraded its KiteDesk FIND product, which offers search capabilities designed to deliver faster and more comprehensive lead targeting with Tech Stack data.

The Qualification Process: From MQL To SQL

The status of a lead, such as whether it’s a net-new lead or an SQL, greatly determines the nurturing process B2B marketers must take to engage prospective buyers. This infographic from PureB2B describes — in detail — the qualification process of new leads. This includes the behavior, intent and needs…

Sales Leads Introduces InSight For Data-Driven Lead Analysis

InSight by Sales Leads is a customized B2B prospecting solution that can help sales teams eliminate the need for researching leads and accelerate their sales process with targeted contact data and relevant company insights. The tool analyzes, procures and organizes data from thousands of sources to provide leads that specifically…

A Blueprint Of The Lead Generation Ecosystem

Many factors play a role in the success of a marketing campaign. However, the marketing magic really happens when these different elements integrate with one another and build off each other's success to form a cohesive campaign. This infographic from Straight North connects the dots from traffic sources to net-new…
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