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Radius Releases Insights To Help Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

RadiusRadius, a marketing intelligence company, announced the commercial release of Radius Insights. This software is tightly integrated with Salesforce and is designed to provide companies a better understanding of existing customers, identify top performing segments in its Salesforce systems and deploy relevant marketing campaigns. The launch follows successful pilots in the financial services and local services industries.

“With data, more is always better. The trick is making sense of all that information so you can see who is truly your best customer,” said Darian Shirazi, Radius founder and CEO. “With Radius Insights, we’ve productized scientific approaches. The ‘aha’ moment comes when our customers realize they can easily now answer two very important questions — who are their best customers and how many more just like them exist.”

Radius Insights is positioned to deliver real-time data on customer records, social media activity, shopping cart technology and online advertising efforts — allowing marketers to create detailed profiles of top customers and increase communication with prospects.

A pilot conducted at ZenPayroll, a cloud-based payroll services company, was designed to help streamline efforts in identifying targeted verticals for its top customers. “Within minutes of using Radius Insights I saw which industries we were most successful in and which social data predicted performance,” said Erin Colbert, who leads marketing for ZenPayroll. “It became a ‘no-brainer’ then to figure out how best to reach them.”

Insights connects with a user’s CRM data and synchronizes updates from Radius Index, an information source on more than 20 million businesses in the U.S., to refresh records and eliminate duplicate entries. It also provides a dashboard that is designed to provide insight into marketing success rates and total addressable market. Insights also is intended to provide predictable pipeline generation and campaign planning based on estimated conversion rates.

“Our vision is to combine innovative software with big data to help companies more effectively and efficiently market and sell,” said Shirazi. “Radius Insights reflect a massive investment in productizing scientific approaches that provide significantly greater value for our customers in a simple software experience.”