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Silverpop Launches Advanced Mobile Messaging Capabilities

silverpop logoSilverpop announced new mobile messaging capabilities that allow Silverpop users to implement automated, behavior-based SMS campaigns.

Silverpop partnered with Velti, a provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology, to develop these mobile features. The functionality includes previously available features such as email opt-in via SMS, promotional texts and text alerts, as well as new capabilities, including the following:

Text for Information – Marketers can allow their mobile customers to request and receive information via a texted keyword.

Text to Vote – Marketers can deploy campaigns where mobile participants can cast a vote via text.

2-Way SMS Interactive Campaigns – Recipients can initiate a two-way dialogue with a company by sending a keyword via text that triggers a series of additional text messages based on a predefined workflow.

Text to Win – Marketers can enable customers to enter a contest or drawing by texting a keyword

"In today's multichannel world, in which 67% of the global population uses mobile phones, it's imperative that marketers communicate on their customers' terms, delivering relevant and personalized content when and where they expect it," said Bryan Brown, Director of Product Strategy for Silverpop. "With our new mobile offering, not only do our clients have even more exciting ways to engage with their contacts, but through these interactions they will be able to learn more about each individual– collecting valuable data that can be used to encourage them to make a purchase decision."