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Silverpop Partners With Janrain, Adds Social Sign-In Email Address Collector Via LinkedIn

, a digital marketing technology provider, today announced a partnership with Janrain to collect email addresses of prospects who register for offers using their LinkedIn credentials.

“Social Sign-In benefits both buyers and marketers, making registration processes simpler, thus decreasing the possibility of form abandonment while also getting the marketer closer to the social behaviors of each contact,” said Bryan Brown, Product Strategy Director at Silverpop, in a company press release. “For B2B marketers, while the information collected from social networks like Facebook and Twitter is certainly valuable, the likelihood of attaining a contact’s business email address is low. With LinkedIn accounts, individuals are more likely to include their business-related information.”

A company can achieve a significant increase in conversion rates when they provide users with the option to “sign in” using social credentials, according to research conducted by Janrain. 

“The increase in form completions and conversion rates has an obvious benefit to marketers, but so does the ability to connect users to their social profiles, providing additional, highly valuable insight about their site visitors,” said Tore Steen, Business Development VP for Janrain. “Through Janrain technology Silverpop customers now can collect verified emails and other permission-based profile data only available from LinkedIn for use in their email and marketing campaigns.” 

In August 2011, Silverpop announced its plans to offer Social Sign-In capabilities designed to allow marketers to gain a better understanding of their customers’ interests and can then use this knowledge to provide incredibly relevant and targeted messaging.