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Marketo LaunchPoint Adds Partner Ecosystem To Marketing Nation Initiative

Marketing automation vendor Marketo today released Marketo LaunchPoint, the company's new partner ecosystem. Launchpoint includes partnerships with more than 65 companies from online advertising , events and webinars, content marketing, top-of-the-funnel conversion, lead-data enrichment, social media, sales tools, analytics and big data, lifecycle marketing and services solutions.

Eloqua #EE12 Keynote: Data-Driven Marketing Drives New Innovations

EloquaExperienceEloqua CEO Joe Payne anchored his keynote at the company’s 2012 user conference with a blast from the past – his past.

In the early 1990s, as a brand manager for Coca-Cola, Payne described a marketing organization driven by gut instinct rather than hard data. “The difference between then and now is my ability as a marketer to make decisions based on data,” Payne said. “There’s no better time to be a marketer than today.”

Business Trends Make 'Data Decay' A Pressing Issue For B2B Marketers

More than ever before, the U.S. job market is in a state of flux. More people are changing jobs with greater frequency; in August, 2011, for example, 3.1 million people changed jobs. By August, 2012, 4.3 million people per month were changing jobs.

For B2B marketers this is more than an interesting employment trend. It's proof that their own databases – full of names, contact information, job titles and other key records – can be increasingly difficult to keep accurate and up to date.

Marketing Measurement: Lost In Translation

At a DemandCon event session earlier this month, Jon Russo, Founder and CEO of B2B Fusion Group, asked a room full of marketers how many were still using Excel spreadsheets to track their performance. About 90% of them raised their hands.

Russo said he wasn't surprised at the show of hands. But he is definitely concerned about it.

"This is risky business for a marketing organization," he said. "Executives are now accustomed to seeing metrics integrated with tools like Salesforce. When they see these reports dumped onto spreadsheets, they're going to question the validity of the data."

6 Keys To Building A High Performance Revenue Marketing Practice: Technology And Results

By Debbie Qaqish, Principal Partner and Chief Revenue Marketing Officer for The Pedowitz Group

Debbie_HeadshotEditor's Note: In this three-part series, Debbie Qaqish examines the six keys of building and growing a thriving Revenue Marketing practice – including strategy, content, people, process, technology and results. In Part One she talked about
strategy and content and Part Two covered people and processes. In this week's final installment, Debbie addresses Technology and Results.

The Fundamentals: Marketing Automation And CRM

Technology, more specifically marketing automation integrated with CRM, is the foundation for any Revenue Marketing practice. These tools provide the ability to track and report on real revenue contribution from marketing.

ReadyTalk Partners With Marketo To Streamline Webinar Data

ReadyTalk announced earlier this week the availability of the ReadyTalk for Marketo connector to increase the accuracy of webinar-generated data and help move leads through the marketing and sales pipeline.

Designed for Marketo customers, the connector leverages Marketo to promote and manage webinar invitations, registration, confirmations, reminders and timely follow-up.

The Must Do’s for Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Automation System

By Chris Frank, Marketing Director, TreeHouse Interactive

webinar_profile_chrisEditor's note: This is the first in a two-part series.

It is no secret that getting a marketing automation system up, running, and contributing to your bottom line takes both implementing technology and changing processes. But getting over this hurdle is often the end game for many marketers, not the beginning it should be. This article gives some clear tips on how to address technical capabilities and database cleanup issues to make the most of your marketing automation investment. We'll conclude next week by looking at the role that business processes and metrics play in maximizing ROI.

Demandbase Unveils Real-Time Company Identification Module For Google Analytics

Demandbase today announced the availability of a Real-Time Company Identification Module for Google Analytics to measure, analyze and optimize integrated data from online marketing campaigns.

The new solution provides B2B marketers with previously available information about the companies visiting a web site, as well as new ways to view, analyze and segment web traffic. This includes the ability to report traffic and behavior based on specific companies, industries, company sizes, revenue bands and CRM-based account status.

Study: Marketers Stumble Over Data-Driven Decision-Making

According to a recent Corporate Education Board (CEB) report, marketers still struggle to use data effectively when making business decisions. In fact, most marketers heavily rely on gut instinct, intuition and past experiences, which causes disconnects between what the data tells marketers and what they assume to be true based on their own intuition and experiences.

The result, according to the report, is a tendency towards “bad decision making and wasted resources.”

Infogroup Targeting Solutions Unveils New Integrated Marketing Database

Infogroup Targeting Solutions
yesterday introduced Sapphire, an integrated marketing database powered by the company's Data Axle real-time data platform. Sapphire is designed to provide B2B marketers with multichannel engagement tools such as analytics, email, online advertising and lead generation.

Among the Sapphire prospect data offerings are new selections including: buying authority, software on site, hardware on site, area of work and government level. Sapphire is derived from over 350 response lists that combine Infogroup Targeting Solutions' high-quality data with a variety of additional sources from premier U.S. data providers that have been handpicked and invited to participate.

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