9 Steps To Operationalize CX And Achieve Advocacy

JoyceHow can firms operationalize the customer experience and create customers for life? It is great to talk about it, make it a company-wide initiative, pound our fists on the boardroom table and commit to becoming customer-centric, but what are the actual steps marketing operations can take to operationalize the customer experience?

ChannelNet Unveils Updated SiteBuilder Platform To Streamline Marketing Operations

SiteBuilder, a SaaS platform from ChannelNet, aims to help marketing and sales teams streamline workflows and improve the customer experience.


SiteBuilder is designed to serve as a comprehensive B2B portal that can meet various business needs. It is positioned to provide a transparent flow of data, information and content from disparate systems to improve communication and collaboration between marketing and sales teams.

Additional features include:

  • Extensive user management controls based on job title and required access to data;
  • A customizable dashboard that can be configurable by user based on the importance of the data and information they want to view daily;
  • Management over content, events, workflow and more;
  • Email and website personalization based on customer attributes; and
  • Social media integrations.


ChannelNet is designed for corporate and marketing sales users, channel partners and other business customers.


The solution integrates with CRM, ERP and other systems.


Pricing is based on a monthly fee that covers hosting, services and support, as well as an initial set-up fee that varies based on the number of integrations and complexity a user requires.


Current users are in the automotive, financial services, home improvement and other industries.


SiteBuilder is designed as a turnkey solution that can help B2B businesses across a variety of needs, including improving internal communication, streamlining workflows and personalizing customer experiences.


1 Harbor Drive
Suite 106
Sausalito, CA 94965

Customer Experience In The Millennial Age

Mark AboudSince the introduction of SPIN selling in the early ‘80s, the world of B2B customer engagement has seen steady innovation. Telephone cold calling, voicemail and emails became vital tools used to let prospects know you wanted to talk to them. When you did get a positive response, face-to-face meetings for problem discovery and PowerPoint presentations to drive the impact of your solution home became the standard. B2B selling was ruled by the conventional wisdom of seasoned sales executives who had control of the information. Through vast experience and advanced training in strategic and positional selling, they knew exactly how to win. It was a seller’s market and a game of inches.

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