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Picture It: Snapchat As A $20 Billion Public Company

1snapchatSnapchat has reportedly filed for an initial public offering (IPO), bringing the social messaging app closer to a $20 billion to $25 billion U.S. stock market debut. Reuters, quoting sources familiar with the situation, said the company could go public as soon as March 2017.

Measuring Marketing Performance To Enhance Future Campaigns

When it comes to measuring marketing performance, multiple layers come into play. Some actions are deemed easy to measure, such as click-through rates on email campaigns or the number of followers on social media, but these metrics don’t dive into the impact marketing activities have on a business’ bottom line. Companies such as Mongo DB are not only measuring marketing performance on a larger scale, but also on a content engagement level, to help determine this impact and enhance future performance.

Marketing Technologists Play Pivotal Role In Move To Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing imageThe delineation between marketing and IT is becoming more fluid as data analytics and advanced technologies drive marketing strategies. As the concept of data-driven marketing takes hold and marketing’s responsibilities broaden beyond lead generation, the position of marketing technologist has emerged to bridge the gap.

“IT and marketing are blurring when it comes to marketing technology, probably more than any other department,” said Jason Stewart, VP of Demand Generation at ANNUITAS. “Technologies like marketing automation, social media monitoring and content strategy tools are requiring more marketing expertise and acumen. The need for marketers specializing in the tech aspects of the role is greater than ever.”

Behavioral Data Remains Untapped By Many B2B Marketers, Study Reveals

forrester silverpopA commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Silverpop reveals that behavioral data remains a largely untapped marketing asset. Forrester found that only 45% of marketers collect and consolidate behavioral data within a single, integrated database.

The study, conducted May 2013, surveyed 157 U.S.-based marketing professionals on their use of behavioral marketing automation to enable communication strategies and deliver campaigns. Forrester analyzed how marketers are powering automation with buyer behavioral data to drive engagement across multiple touch points and channels.

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