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Autopilot Launches New Lead Gen Channel, Proactive Headsup

Autopilot, an email marketing and automation software provider, has released a new lead generation channel called Proactive Headsup.

The new channel helps marketers engage personally with first-time website visitors and convert them into leads. This is done through real-time messages, including calls to action and feedback requests, that pop up on websites or in apps.

“Proactive Headsup is a unique channel in that it's designed specifically for marketers. It can be deployed on any web page in less than 10 minutes, requires no technical integration or additional site tracking and enables marketers to engage segmented audiences in a highly personal way,” Autopilot Chief Marketing Officer & Growth Guy Marion told Demand Gen Report. “Our customers are reporting immediate results.”

To emphasize one-on-one interaction, the messages include a picture of the person who’s sending them.

Proactive Headsup differs from Autopilot’s Headsup product, which facilitates chats with known users of a site or app, because it only sends messages to anonymous visitors. The new tool offers three different types of messages users can choose to display on specific pages or any page:

Proactive Subscribe allows marketers to convert anonymous visitors into leads by asking them to subscribe to things such as a company’s blog updates, customer loyalty program, or newsletters.

Proactive Call to Action displays a message to visitors promotes further engagement by encouraging them to visit another relevant page.

Proactive Reply Back allows marketers to start a conversation with anonymous visitors by asking them for feedback through a chat interface. The visitor’s response can then be emailed to the marketing team or sent to a Slack channel.

Of the 493 Autopilot customers that participated in the beta program for Proactive Headsup, 53% saw more than a 10% increase in overall monthly leads, according to a release from the company.