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Behavioral Data Remains Untapped By Many B2B Marketers, Study Reveals

forrester silverpopA commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Silverpop reveals that behavioral data remains a largely untapped marketing asset. Forrester found that only 45% of marketers collect and consolidate behavioral data within a single, integrated database.

The study, conducted May 2013, surveyed 157 U.S.-based marketing professionals on their use of behavioral marketing automation to enable communication strategies and deliver campaigns. Forrester analyzed how marketers are powering automation with buyer behavioral data to drive engagement across multiple touch points and channels.

Other findings of the study, titled: Use Behavioral Marketing To Up The Ante In The Age Of The Customer, include:

  • Behavioral marketing boosts revenue, as well as customer experience and loyalty. When asked to assess the potential gain of taking specific actions with prospective customers based on their behaviors across channels, return on marketing investment and customer satisfaction/loyalty topped the list of overall perceived benefits for marketers, with 44 % and 42%.
  • Behavioral marketers are seeing an impact on sales pipelines and revenue. Forrester found that B2B behavioral marketers attribute 34% of their total sales pipeline to behavioral marketing.

"While marketers have come a long way in automating their efforts, not all are using marketing automation at its full potential and incorporating buyer behavior into their campaigns in order to deliver the most personal and engaging customer experiences possible," said Bryan Brown, Director of Product Strategy for Silverpop. "Data is the fuel that powers today's digital marketing campaigns and no insight is more valuable than what buyers tell you based on the actions they take."

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