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Brainshark Launches Integration Engine For Data-Driven Sales Enablement

Sales enablement solutions provider Brainshark has launched the Brainshark Integration Engine, a tool that the company said will help customers use existing applications and workflows to improve sales content creation and operations. 

According to Brainshark, the new tool will drive better performance by sharing real-time data and content across multiple systems for sales training, coaching and buyer engagement. Using data and analytics, Brainshark can provide insight into reps’ knowledge and the sales content they use.

“With a variety of sales applications that aren’t ‘talking to each other,’ it’s difficult for organizations to maximize value and ROI,” said Greg Flynn, CEO of Brainshark, in a statement. “The Brainshark Integration Engine helps organizations connect sales, marketing and learning systems with ease, providing a secure, scalable and customizable solution requiring no manual intervention. Sales teams benefit from having access to content and data that drive performance gains.”

The Brainshark Integration Engine enables customers to integrate its solutions with the following systems:

  • Content marketing: The company said content can be regularly synched with Brainshark and made available to sales reps.
  • CRM: When sharing content with buyers, sales reps can tie Brainshark’s engagement data to leads, accounts and opportunity records in the CRM system. This allows reps to track who viewed materials, when and how many times.
  • Marketing automation: The new capabilities provide reps with buyer engagement data for more accurate and comprehensive list segmentation and campaign results, the company said.
  • Learning management system (LMS): Whether a company uses Brainshark’s LMS or a third-party’s, the systems can exchange course completion details.