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Infusionsoft Unveils Productivity And Social Tools, Campaign Library At Users’ Conference

InfusionConInfusionsoft kicked off its InfusionCon 2013 users’ conference by unveiling its 2013 Spring release, which adds a campaign library, social tools, and a centralized daily task manager to the company’s marketing automation software.

“2012 was the year that small business went big,” Clate Mask, CEO and Co-Founder of Infusionsoft, told the more than 2,000 attendees of the conference. He then shared some statistics regarding Infusionsoft’s current customer base, including that they captured 40 million leads, sent 80 million emails a week with 99.5% email deliverability and processed 1.5 billion in transactions through the company’s software in 2012.

Mask noted that Infusionsoft had 13,500 small businesses using its web-based technology and the company has a goal of reaching 100,000 customers in the next four years.

In addition, Mask discussed how the company would invest the $54 million it recently raised in venture capital, saying that it would be used to improve the software, “to give small business owners the power and convenience they want so that they can live the lifestyle that they want.”

In a separate meeting with media and analysts before the conference, he said that while companies often raised venture capital as part of an acquisition plan, the company plans to remain independent.

Richard Tripp, Chief Product Officer, then provided details about the new release, including:

New sales productivity tools such as My Day make it easier to get organized, create quotes and move swiftly through sales activities to close more deals.

GroSocial by Infusionsoft, a product of Infusionsoft’s acquisition of GroSocial earlier this year, makes it possible to create social campaigns on Facebook that generate leads. Originally a stand-alone solution, GroSocial can now be accessed directly from Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder, making it even easier to create, manage and track social media marketing campaigns.

Infusionsoft's Marketplace includes a library of free, pre-built marketing campaigns that are proven to convert leads into buyers. Instead of starting from scratch, customers can download a campaign to their Infusionsoft app, personalize it and publish.

Tripp outlined the process that the company used to develop the features in the Spring 2013 release. “We used a process that I developed, called POV, or point of view,” he told the audience. “We interviewed 256 customers for 60 to 90 minutes to determine the features that were most important,” he said.

He noted that about 75% of the suggestions made it into the latest version, with the other 25% being considered for future releases or were addressing the needs of a narrow group of users. “In those cases, we point our users to our growing network of partners,” he said.