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New Research: Only 12% Of Marketers Very Confident In Their Knowledge Of AI

Source: EverString Source: EverString

There continues to be room for growth and education in the artificial intelligence (AI) space, according to new research from EverString and Heinz Marketing. The study, which surveyed roughly 300 marketing and sales professionals across multiple industries, shows that only 12% of respondents are “very confident” in their AI knowledge, while 55% said they are “somewhat confident.”

The “State of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing” report reveals that 63% of marketers are not using AI in their tech stack. Most marketers, however, expressed interest in using AI to drive personalization (71%), identify market trends (63%) and improve data management (55%).

Key findings include:

  • 37% of marketers do not understand the differences between the various types of AI, such as predictive modeling and machine learning;
  • Only 21% are very confident in their ability to achieve marketing and sales goals with their current data; and
  • 59% say they think AI can help identify prospective customers.

“The survey validates the need for AI solutions to help marketers identify prospective customers and market to them more effectively,” said Matt Amundson, VP of Marketing at EverString, in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “As ABM has become the popular go-to-market strategy, marketers are looking for solutions to help them ensure their program spend is optimized by targeting accounts that are the best fit for their business and are in-market for a solution. By delivering leads from accounts that meet this criterion, marketers utilizing AI in their tech stack are able to help their sales teams increase sales cycle velocity and win rates.”