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Salesforce Releases New Innovations For Service Cloud 360

Salesforce enhanced its Service Cloud 360 offering with two new sets of automation and digital contact tools designed to automatically engage customers and address their needs in all relevant digital channels via personalized conversations.

The first set of automation tools are designed to help sales reps predict and efficiently address customer needs automatically. They include:

  • Customer Service Incident Management, a tool designed to provide a holistic view of incident management requests, automatically connecting multiple cases of similar issues to help response teams address existing issues while preventing other customers from encountering the same issues;
  • Incident Management Swarming, a Slack integration that allows customer experience (CX) teams to enter Slack channels and update customers on incident statuses and resolutions;
  • An expanded Flow solution that uses AI to connect and automate sales processes across channels and systems for more efficient workflows and greater customer self-service capabilities with automated customer responses; and
  • Einstein Conversation Mining, which leverages natural language processing to analyze customer conversations and help users uncover insights into the best methods of optimizing their self-service channels and databases.

In addition to the automation tools, Service Cloud will also receive voice, video and text messaging capabilities to enhance a CX team’s ability to engage with buyers digitally, including:

  • Asynchronous messaging, enabling customers to start a chat in-app or on a website and pick the conversation up where it was left off;
  • Visual Remote Assistant, which provides two-way video and audio for a face-to-face conversation between agent or field technicians and customers; and
  • Service Cloud Voice updates that bring together phone, digital channels and CRM data into one central view for service agents. 

"The businesses that have thrived over the last 18 months are those who embraced digital tools to deliver excellent customer and employee service experiences with trust and transparency,” said Clara Shih, CEO of Service Cloud, Salesforce, in a statement. “With new AI and process automation for Service Cloud, as well as Slack to provide a digital hub to quickly resolve issues across teams and departments, we’re giving agents more time to focus on providing human-centric service and giving customers fast, proactive service to build trust and loyalty."