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ABM Is Not A ‘Set-It-And-Forget-It’ Tactic

Brian BomboraAccount-based marketing (ABM) has its share of disciples who swear that it’s the best way to pursue prospects: 73% of respondents to a Demand Gen Report survey said they practice ABM to “ensure they are targeting the right stakeholders.” Yet, a surprising number of B2B organizations risk being too rigid in their adoption of ABM, focusing solely on their list of target accounts to the detriment of all other potential prospects and marketing opportunities.

#Bii20 Webinar Series Highlights Importance Of Intent Data, Buyer Interdependence & ABM To Reach Audiences

With the advent of COVID-19, the B2B industry has undergone a massive shift in the way marketers are reaching their target audiences, allowing them to leverage data insights and buyer trends for effective strategy building. Reliance on data insights has gone from a method of driving engagement and performing outreach to a necessary adaptation for survival.

RollWorks Releases Sales Insights Tool For ABM Platform

RollWorks, an ABM platform, announced the launch of Sales Insights, a new tool within the company’s Account-Based Platform for sellers. Sales Insights is designed to identify statistically significant spikes of account-based activity, such as website engagement and advertising click signals, and surface alerts directly in Salesforce and via daily email digest updates.

5 Easy Tips For Implementing AI Into Your Marketing Mix


The B2B industry has seen an influx of AI solutions and programs that promise to streamline processes and marketing strategies. While AI has been helpful, there has been a lot of confusion around what it does, how to choose the best AI solution to implement for success.

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