Uberflip Introduces AI-Powered Content Recommendation Solution

Uberflip AI is designed to give marketers the ability to fuse the art of marketing with the power of artificial intelligence. The solution aims to help marketers recommend content to their audiences. The company said its AI-based recommendation engine creates deeper content engagement, more personalized content experiences, and accelerates sales cycles for marketers and salespeople.

Uberflip Hubs Organize Content By Channels

Uberflip is designed to aggregate content and automate publishing for marketers. 


Uberflip’s Content Hubs enable users to organize content into channels for easy discovery.

The company said users can segment their content by type, topic, vertical, persona or any other grouping with the use of custom streams. Various formats of content can be grouped together, making content journey simple. Uberflip can also be used for sales enablement, enabling sales reps to send customized pairings of content pieces to their leads and prospects, according to the company.


Uberflip is used by a few different members of the organization, including content and demand gen managers, as well as sales reps working in B2B tech companies.


Uberflip integrates with major marketing automation platforms, including Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, Pardot and Act-On. Form CTAs built on Uberflip connect to these platforms, transmitting lead information. Progressive profiling can also be configured.


Uberflip has several packages available, starting at $1,200 per month. The packages offer a range of functionality, including basic or advanced marketing automation integration, additional streams and hubs, sales enablement features and customized options. All services are hosted by Uberflip.


Uberflip’s clients range from startups to major enterprises, such as Blackbaud, Rosetta Stone, Microsoft, Amity, Cloudwords, EverString and General Electric.


Uberflip is designed to help marketing teams upload and manage their content in one central location, giving them the tools they need to create exceptional content experiences, the company said. Sales teams can access their organization’s content without ever leaving their email clients, letting them ensure that the content they send to prospects is relevant and up to date. Finally, Uberflip said customer success teams can give their support documentation a home, allowing them to create a cohesive experience with the rest of the company’s content and branding.


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B2B Customers Demand More Personalization In Email

Email marketing: Most (if not all) B2B marketers are leveraging it. But are they doing it right? It depends on who you ask. When done properly, email is still a very strong channel for engaging with B2B buyers. Companies such as Uberflip, with email open rates that range from 34% to 53%, can attest to it.

According to Salesforce’s 2016 State Of Marketing Report, 80% of marketers agree that email is core to their business; and nearly half (49%) of those marketers say email is directly linked to their business’ primary revenue source.

B2B Marketers Stepping Up Focus On Message Mapping And Content Sequencing

Leading B2B organizations such as Booker Software and immixGroup are seeing improved lead volumes and higher engagement with buyers through greater coordination of their demand gen and content efforts. One emerging trend that has emerged out of the increased synergy between demand gen and content teams is the adoption of content sequencing — the process of giving prospects a progressive pathway that is aligned with their learning objectives.

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