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B2B Marketing’s Big Blindspot: PathFactory VP Shares Inside Look At How To Uncover And Address Disconnects In Buyer Experiences

Elle Woulfe HeadshotNothing turns off a buyer more than a disjointed, complex experience with a B2B brand. According to our own research shows that, when buyers are selecting a vendor in a purchase decision, two-thirds (66%) of buyers said the timeliness of a vendor’s response to inquiries was vital to their purchase decision, while 73% said the winning vendor demonstrated a stronger knowledge of their needs. Other research shows that more than half (51%) find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of content available.

HubSpot Introduces Content Strategy Tool

HubSpot Content Strategy is a tool designed to help marketers adapt their content creation to the way modern search engines and modern buyers work today. Through creating, optimizing and measuring topic-based content, the tool aims to enable businesses to build sustainable organic traffic that generates more traffic, with less content.

BuzzSumo Launches Question Analyzer For Content Production

BuzzSumo, a social media analytics and curation platform for content marketers, unveiled a new feature within its content discovery and insights platform that is designed to help content marketers search for questions being asked about topics that align to their business. The tool, called Question Analyzer, positions users to identify pain points and questions that are relevant and contextual to their target audience to help fuel content production.

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