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YesPath Launches ABM Tool Powered By Artificial Intelligence


San Francisco-based start-up YesPath, a company founded by two ex-Salesforce execs, announced its first product: an account-based marketing (ABM) tool powered by artificial intelligence.

SaaS-based YesPath tracks a sales team’s target accounts, turning data into real-time profiles. The platform can identify a user’s account, industry, account size, and signals of intent, and it uses algorithms to select content for each account and person.

YesPath said it has also partnered with Bombora to track content across 2,500 B2B sites; its analytics capability enables marketers to track the trajectory of target accounts as they move from awareness to consideration to decision.

"Every marketer we talk to is trying to work more closely with sales. They need to work together on target accounts,” said Jason Garoutte, CEO of YesPath, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “From the moment you turn it on, YesPath starts tracking those accounts, showing who's engaged, what they're interested in, and what content you should send next."