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RollWorks’ Account-Based Platform Launches Account Scoring Capabilities

RollWorks’ Account-Based Platform Launches Account Scoring Capabilities Source: RollWorks

RollWorks’ new account scoring capabilities expand upon the company’s account-based platform and identification solution. The account scoring feature is designed to enable account-based sales and marketing teams to score and prioritize target account lists using a predictive machine learning model, which is positioned to score accounts based on firmographic and technographic fit characteristics. 


Key updates to RollWorks’ identification solution include:

  • Account Scoring, which aims to help customers focus and prioritize sales and marketing outreach to targets that have a higher propensity to buy based on existing closed-won customers;
  • Account Suggestions, designed to enable users to target accounts they’re not currently tracking in their Salesforce CRM via RollWorks’ predictive-scoring model, which surfaces new high-fit accounts from the RollWorks B2B database;
  • Salesforce Syncing, designed to promote closer alignment between sales and marketing teams with a bi-directional, automated sync with Salesforce. This can help users create dynamic target account lists that can be updated daily, as well as update any ongoing engagement campaigns to target those lists; and
  • Account Groups, which seeks to segment target account lists into account groups based on firmographic attributes and account scores. It can then be used to target audiences with digital ads via the RollWorks Engagement Solution.


RollWorks’ identification solution has a bi-directional, automated sync with Salesforce, creating dynamic target account lists that can be updated daily. In addition to target accounts, account scores and new account suggestions can be synced between RollWorks and Salesforce. 


Pricing is comprised of a monthly SaaS fee and a variable media spend. Three pricing packages are available to meet the needs of customers with different levels of ABM readiness. 


Dialpad is one of RollWorks’ beta customers who tested the new account-scoring feature of the identification solution.


Key areas of differentiation include:

  1. An account-based platform with capabilities that aim to enable customers to target account lists, score them and engage buyers in those accounts as soon as possible. If a customer has an existing account list, the tool is designed to score the list and make high-quality account suggestions to expand new opportunities the user can pursue.
  2. A single, connected platform designed for high-performance results that are inter-connected and optimized, where users can create, prioritize and engage target account lists while measuring impact.
  3. NextRoll technology — the foundation of RollWorks’ account-based platform — powered by data and machine learning, and aimed to power ABM at scale.


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