Aprimo Launches Content Ideation Tool

Aprimo Idea Lab is an ideation solution that aims to help content marketers and creative teams ideate faster and better. It is designed to connect directly into the Aprimo platform, which includes marketing work management and digital asset management solutions.

AmpLive Offers Tool Designed To Capture New Audiences For Events

AmpLive is an audience development platform that provides enterprise marketers with large, targeted audience lists for their live-streamed events. AmpLive is designed to distribute live content to audiences based on criteria such as company, industry, job title, interest or location, and then helps marketers retarget engaged audiences to drive ideal leads further down the funnel.

Early Adopters Of Marketing Automation Solutions Give High Marks, Emphasize Ease Of Use, Rollout

Survey_2_-_ManticoreThe early adopters of new technology often benefit from being on the cutting edge, but they also live through the pains of being the first in line. To get some first-hand perspective from the early adopters of marketing automation systems, DemandGen Report recently surveyed more than 50 executives from different BtoB organizations who have already implemented a marketing solution.

The respondents, representing clients using a wide range of leading solution providers, rated their experiences on a 1 to 7 scale, with 1 being very negative and 7 being very positive. On average, the feedback on marketing automation systems was very positive, with 81.1% of respondents giving their system a 5 or higher rating and 87% of respondents indicating they would purchase the same solution again.

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