Infogroup Launches New Intent Data Capability

Published: April 29, 2020

Infogroup, provider of data and data-driven marketing solutions, has launched a new intent data feature within its Data Axle offering, a real-time data delivery tool. The feature is designed to combine intent datawith Infogroup’s known business data to support account-targeting strategies via real-time API feeds.

The offering aims to provide marketers with more accurate intent data that businesses can implement into their marketing strategies. It is designed to analyze customers’ signals of interest in B2B products and services via multiple channels to help users create more efficient account-based marketing, customer prioritization, lead generation and ad targeting strategies.

“The combination of our industry-leading data assets and new intent signals enables us to seamlessly target decision-makers at in-market business locations,” said Michael Iaccarino, Infogroup Chairman and CEO, in a statement. “We’re using multiple partners to provide maximum coverage; and while other intent data providers primarily rely on topic licensing and programmatic efforts, we can work through all marketing channels to ensure the highest conversion rates for our customers.”

Prior to the announcement, Demand Gen Report sat down with Jeff Adee, SVP & General Manager, B2B at Infogroup, to learn more about the intent data capability.

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Demand Gen Report: Intent has really blown up recently. Why is now the right time for Infogroup to start offering it?

Jeff Adee: We’ve had intent data in-house for about four or five months now — since Q4 of last year — to run against client programs. Marketers are getting more specific about who they’re trying to target, and obviously being more careful with their marketing spend. So, we wanted to make our data more actionable and intent is one way to do that. If we can get intent signals that equal anybody else in the marketplace as far as vocational coverage, topic coverage, scores and those types of things, we should have a pretty powerful combination.

DGR: Tell me a little bit about the actual intent insights. What else can users expect from this offering? What kind of data/insights can marketers really gather from it?

Adee: We have multiple partners that already gather intent data. So, we’re bringing those in and combining them into one large intent data set. And that’s what gives us the list in coverage over a single provider. So we see surges in intent based on online behavior, content address, keyword searches, and all the main online behaviors that people do in their business decision making effort. So we see those from all the different partners that we have right now. So not only do we have the keywords sorted into intent categories or topics, we also have the scores that the providers put on there. And then, on a vocational basis, we’re able to append those intent figures to the individuals that we have on our Infogroup B2B asset.

DGR: Are there any initial use cases that you could share? Has there been anything unique that you’ve seen customers or beta customers doing with the new data?

Adee: It is currently being utilized as a selection tool to narrow down a universe of prospects. In the past, people would come in and say, ‘Here is our best profile customer, here is the business IP code and job functions or title.’ In the past, that model would give us up to 100,000 names. Now we can say ‘OK, we can provide the same IP, same job, function title, same employee size criteria, but locations that are surging in the specific product or solution that marketer is actually selling.’ So those 100,000 names, turn to just 5000 names or 7500 names — it’s a much more fine-tuned marketplace of people that are in market for that specific solution.

The second thing that we’re doing that we’re seeing is on an intent basis, whether it be a client, internal profit file or internal house file. They can send that file over to us to find out who’s in market right now. Same thing on an acquisition and retention basis — we can make sure they don’t have heightened customer attrition numbers. They getting to the right people when they’re ready to re-purchase.

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