#B2BMX Takes ABM To The Next Level With Renewed Focus On Account Targeting & Engagement

Published: June 2, 2021

Account-based marketing (ABM) established its place as a business imperative, with many modern B2B organizations doubling down on the strategy in our new, digital-first world. With that in mind, both ABM veterans and newcomers will have something to look forward to at the 2021 B2B Marketing Exchange: Next-Level ABM.

This year’s online #B2BMX event – taking place June 7–10, 2021 – will focus on the nuances of account-based strategies, with 50+ sessions that will expand on growing trends to help organizations enter the next level of their account-based strategies and programs.

The event itself will be divided into six separate tracks: ABM Alignment, Campaign Execution, Targeted Content, Strategy & Outcomes, Precision Partnering and Audience Insights. Attendees will learn about the most pressing topics in these account-based areas, including how to build impactful account-based experiences (ABX), the benefits of leveraging intent and signal data, the best ways to create targeted omnichannel content offers and much more.

“We consistently hear from B2B marketing practitioners that they are trying to advance their ABM programs to be more effective in connecting with targeted buyers and accounts,” said Andrew Gaffney, Editorial Director at Demand Gen Report. “We’re really proud of the extensive program we put together, with a ton of great use case examples and a ‘who’s who’ of thought leaders demonstrating how to better customize messaging, orchestrate programs across marketing channels and ultimately be more relevant and valuable to their buyers.”

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ABM-Focused Keynotes Explore Account Alignment, Content, Engagement & More

As with every B2BMX event, Next-Level ABM is packed with keynote presentations from top influencers sharing their experiences and best practices with ABM.

Breakout Sessions Analyze What Works To Build Stronger ABM Programs

In addition to the keynotes, attendees could watch 50+ sessions, ranging from case studies, labs, breakouts and lunch & learns, presented by some of the top B2B voices in the industry. In these sessions, B2B experts and practitioners will explore various ABM-centric topics, ranging from unique account engagement strategies to creating account-centric ABM programs.

Rob Leavitt of ITSMA and Gemma Davies of ServiceNow will explore the best ways to bring ABM tactics and strategies into customer-centric organizations. Leavitt and Davies will also discuss how to innovate and expand existing ABM strategies to ensure long-term ABM success.

Corrina Owens and Taylor Young of Profisee will break down how 1:1, 1:few and 1:many ABM programs work, and how each program functions when engaging executive accounts. The duo will also recommend tools and solutions marketers can leverage to scale their ABM programs for the executive stage.

Kelvin Gee of Oracle will tackle the concept of a centralized approach to ABM. Gee will discuss how having a center of excellence can help improve the maturity of ABM programs and share four separate approaches marketers can take to create a centralized hub that supports ABM strategies.

Some other interesting sessions to check out include:

Next-Level Activities For Hands-On Learning & Networking

For attendees looking for new hands-on ways to learn and network with peers, #B2BMX Next-Level ABM will host a plethora of workshops designed to help attendees overhaul their ABM strategies, programs and conversations, with many famous B2B faces providing new tactics and best practices for attendees to learn from.

One workshop presented by Pam Didner, titled: ABM Sales Motions: How To Maximize Sales Enablement For Key Account Strategies, will highlight account-specific sales enablement opportunities that can support existing ABM programs. She will also work with attendees to brainstorm creative ways to align with sales teams for stronger account-based plans and engagement.

Jon Russo of B2B Fusion will also host a workshop titled: Using Leads, Piloting ABM — Argh, How Do I Measure Everything?, where he’ll cover the questions marketers should ask, as well as the necessary tools for measuring ABM successfully. Russo will explore the idea of having a separate funnel strictly for leads as a means for measuring account readiness to engage.

Other workshops include:

The event will also feature additional hands-on activities for attendees to share their ABM experiences and learn from their peers, including:

  • 1:1 “Speed Dating” sessions that allow attendees to network with likeminded individuals, matching people by their preferences and interests for an engaging conversation;
  • Roundtable discussions where attendees can discuss specific topics during conversations facilitated by industry experts;
  • Certification courses on topics such as ABM Foundations, Digital Experiences and Virtual Events; and
  • The chance to connect with sponsors and learn about the top ABM martech tools available.

This only covers a small portion of the information and activities at #B2BMX Next-Level ABM. Check out the website for the full agenda and save your seat today! All sessions will be available on-demand to registrants after they air.

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