GTM Buddy Releases Generative AI-Powered Selling Platform, Ask Buddy

Published: June 2, 2023

GTM Buddy, a sales and revenue enablement platform, introduced Ask Buddy, a guided selling solution powered by generative AI. Ask Buddy uses generative AI and a combination of signals — such as opportunity context, sales content in GTM Buddy and buyer and rep engagement — to deliver guided selling strategies. 

Using OpenAI’s APIs and proprietary models, Ask Buddy is designed to curate relevant information from a variety of sales content and then provide reps with digestible, bite-sized insights. Specific capabilities include:

  • Writing email copy to craft product pitches, counter objections and build prospect talk tracks using persona intelligence;
  • Providing next-best actions by summarizing the opportunity context, recommending which content to share, generating messaging against identified competitors or identifying relevant social proof;
  • A chat bot interface so reps can ask questions, iterate on each response and verify content used to generate a response to ensure accuracy;
  • Capturing knowledge from company-wide sales conversations and publishing them as frequently asked questions (FAQs); and
  • Providing contextual guidance and refreshing reps’ knowledge.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Ask Buddy, our generative AI-powered guided selling platform,” said Sreedhar Peddineni, CEO and Co-founder of GTM Buddy, in a statement. “Ask Buddy’s AI-powered guided selling boosts rep productivity, delivers a compelling buyer experience and ensures consistent sales execution. More than 60% of enablement content is rarely used by reps because sellers don’t have time to review different sales collateral. Ask Buddy opens a wealth of knowledge to help build buyer trust and provide reps with the information they need to close deals.”

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