RollWorks Enhances Account Insights With New Intent Provider Partnerships

Published: August 27, 2021

ABM platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, announced new partnerships with B2B intent data providers Bombora and KickFire, enriching its platform with account-level intent signals for improved account identification and targeting insights. RollWorks will also partner with peer-to-peer review website G2 to expand its partner-led ecosystem and allow for better marketing program measurement.

The partnerships aim to empower RollWorks users with firmographic and IP-to-domain-resolution data from multiple channels to enhance its match rate of target accounts while simultaneously building a comprehensive partner ecosystem. Each partnership will enhance the RollWorks platform in different ways, including abilities to:

  • Match account address and IP data more accurately with KickFire’s first-party data;
  • Access Bombora’s Company Surge intent data to help users improve their digital ad targeting capabilities; and
  • Enhance account behavior data engagement signals with G2’s customer review data to provide stronger go-to-market (GTM) insights.

“Data powers all aspects of robust account-based strategies, from discovering your ideal customer profile to setting up your target account list and then targeting those accounts in the most efficient and effective way,” said Mike Stocker, VP of Partnerships at RollWorks, in a statement. “Comprehensive, accurate data is critical — that’s why RollWorks is investing in partnerships with market-leading data providers like Bombora, G2 and KickFire. Through these relationships, we strengthen our own data assets to offer a more comprehensive solution that helps go-to-market teams grow their revenue.” 

This announcement follows the launch of RollWorks’ Journey Stages solution, which maps out buyer journeys at the account level to provide marketers and salespeople with deeper GTM insights. With the integration of G2, Bombora and KickFire’s intent data, the effectiveness of Journey Stages, and the whole RollWorks platform, will be enhanced with more accurate intent signals.

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