SAVO Debuts New Sales Enablement Suite

Published: September 19, 2013

SAVO Group launched its latest software-as-a-service product suite that includes CRM Opportunity Pro, a new offering that integrates with CRM systems to provide opportunity-specific sources for salespeople. The suite is designed to equip sales teams to have more productive conversations at every point of the customer buying cycle, according to company officials.

“We’ve developed this suite from the salesperson’s perspective,” Kurt Andersen, EVP at SAVO, said in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “The goal of sales enablement is to offer dynamic, situational coaching and guidance without the salesperson having to leave their CRM screen.”

Specific application enhancements include:

CRM Opportunity Pro: Integrating with an organization’s existing CRM system, the application offers a view of the prospect’s interest level and buying stage within a CRM lead record to provide sales reps with opportunity-specific resources. The application also provides proactive coaching when opportunities stall to quickly align rep activities with their prospects’ goals at each stage of the buying cycle.

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Sales Content Pro: This provides sales with immediate access to content, experts and coaching. The application arms reps with actionable insights while saving time previously lost sifting through multiple sites and irrelevant content.

Social Intelligence: By gathering content from social media sites — including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as RSS Feeds — and integrating it into an internal collaboration space, sales reps save time and gain a distinct competitive advantage in sales conversations, company officials noted.

Mobile Sales Pro: This application has been upgraded with enhanced PowerPoint and video capabilities, whiteboarding and annotation features, and an automated proposal function.

RFP And Proposal Pro: Designed to accelerate organizations’ sales cycles by automating low-value tasks and reducing the time it takes to create targeted responses and proposals, this application also features a new RFP response automation capability that manages and tracks Q&As to ensure consistency and accuracy across multiple RFPs.

Team Selling Pro: Enhancements enable cross-functional collaboration on complex deals through the sophisticated mapping of people, materials and partners to specific selling situations, as well as an automated subject matter expert prescription.

Sales Insights Pro: The next generation of this application offers executive dashboards with leading indicators of success on revenue initiatives, as well as the ability to identify winning behaviors and assets to replicate across an organization. Metrics and tracking can be customized.

“With SAVO’s solutions, we have transformed CRM usage into a true ‘give to receive’ dynamic for sales reps, who now quickly align with prospects by sharing compelling materials that are most relevant to their needs,” said Amy Stewart, SVP of Marketing and Sales Strategy for One Call Care Management. “Additionally, not only is our sales force today truly mobile, but it is also prepared to have an engaging customer conversation on demand.”

SAVO also announced a partnership with Corporate Visions to integrate its Power Tools with SAVO’s Mobile Sales Pro application. The partnership enables Corporate Visions customers to access sales assets, such as campaign content, whiteboards and sales collateral, and training from mobile devices.

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