Seismic Announces Enhancements To Storytelling Platform

Published: May 28, 2020

Seismic, a marketing and sales enablement platform, launched new capabilities within its Seismic Storytelling Platform to support B2B content creation and personalization.

The Seismic Storytelling Platform is designed for personalized content creation, allowing go-to-market teams to create the most effective content. Sales teams will also be able to deliver content to targeted businesses more easily throughout the sales cycle.

The updated features will include:

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  • On-the-fly presentation assembly that is designed for enhanced content personalization, helping sales teams assemble multiple content pieces under a unified message;
  • A data-driven approach that aims to improve a sales team’s ability to discover impactful content, foster new content and simplify content for individual understanding; and
  • A Seismic Pages feature that will allow marketers to create and activate playbooks and content for sales engagement and consumption faster.

“Sales and marketing teams have recently shifted to working almost exclusively from home,” said Doug Winter, CEO and Co-founder of Seismic, in a statement. “It’s also become more important than ever for marketers and enablers to quickly develop and deploy updated content to field teams. Seismic excels at enabling go-to-market teams to move rapidly and effectively in changing environments. Given this strength, we’re seeing accelerating usage of the Seismic Storytelling Platform by organizations of all sizes.”

Seismic will soft launch these enhanced capabilities for its platform in late Spring 2020.  

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