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Content Strategies

Shifts in B2B buying patterns call for a new, soft-selling approach. This section highlights the rapidly evolving need to demonstrate value propositions via content marketing and educate prospects more effectively.

Content Gap Analysis Becoming Bigger Priority For Marketers

contentgap imageB2B marketers are not lacking when it comes to content. According to research from eMarketer, 91% of B2B marketers are using content marketing, and 60% create at least one piece of content a week.

Research from the Custom Content Council  found that 42% of the $43.9 billion spent on marketing in 2013 was allocated to content marketing.

However, many marketers are still struggling to yield results from their content creation efforts. Of the companies employing content marketing, fewer than half (42%) say their efforts are effective, according to research from MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute.

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BrightEdge Unveils Community Edition

Brightedge logoBrightEdge unveiled a Community Edition of its content marketing platform, including access to Data Cube To-Go, a repository of content from across the web, and Content Optimizer To-Go, a recommendation engine for content optimization.

Community Edition is positioned as a free Google Chrome plug-in to help content marketers insight into the performance of digital content, competitor’s content, and receive performance-enhancing recommendations.

Uberflip Joins Content Scoring Trend With New Feature

uberflip logoUberflip announced the launch of Content Score, a feature that is designed measure the effectiveness of each piece of content in the user’s Uberflip Hub. The announcement highlights the growing trend that content marketers desire an accurate way to measure their content marketing efforts.

Content scoring has become an appealing feature for many content marketers, and a number of B2B vendors have added content scoring capabilities to meet this growing need. Kapost recently announced their content scoring feature for its content platform, and LinkedIn Business Solutions also offers content scoring features for its customers.

Appboy Introduces Multivariate Testing Feature

Appboy logoAppboy, a marketing automation platform for mobile apps, announced new multivariate testing capabilities designed to help marketers test variations of headlines, copy and content on multiple messaging channels, including email, in-app messaging and push notifications.

The company is positioning the tool as a way for marketers to identify and automate the messaging mix that will have the highest impact on metrics such as conversion rate, click-through rate and revenue generated, according to Bill Magnuson, co-founder and CTO of Appboy.

Study: 85% Fail To Connect Their Content To Business Value

forrester logoForrester Research unveiled the results of its latest study, which revealed that while many B2B marketers are embracing content marketing, many are still early on in the journey from product-focused to relationship-building content.

According to the survey, 85% of B2B marketers fail to connect content activity to business value, even though roughly half (51%) of those surveyed state their content marketing strategies are mature. This ultimately prevents marketers from retaining customers and creating long-term relationships, according to the research.

#LLCSeries: Benchmarking The Buyer’s Journey

JustinGray LLSeriesDemand Gen Report will be holding the inaugural Lead Lifecycle Series #LLCSeries, a week-long series of webinars offering case study examples and best practices covering each stage the buying cycle.

DGR caught up with Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD, as he prepared for his presentation, titled: Benchmarking The Buyer’s Journey. Check out the agenda and register once for the entire series.

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Marketers Turn to Bite-Sized, Social Content To Appeal To Millennials

shutterstock 148850267B2B marketers have long segmented their audiences by role, industry and company size, among other criteria. Some progressive B2B marketers are now adding “generation” to that mix as they look for ways to capture the attention of Millennial buyers as they rise through the ranks and move into decision-making roles.

Roughly one fifth (21%) of the participants in this year’s Content Preferences Survey are part of the Millennial generation, and that number will continue to grow. The Millennial generation is gradually growing into the B2B buyer role, and marketers need to understand what motivates and entices buyers in this age bracket compared to their more seasoned brethren.

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MarketingProfs’ Virtual Conference: Speak In A Bold, Active Voice On Social Media

MarketingProfsSummit screenshotAt the recent MarketingProfs Virtual Conference, a wide range of social media experts came together to offer their insights on effectively managing the social aspects of content marketing campaigns — including the ideal lengths of posts — and strategies for personalizing social outreach.

Successful social media posts consist of valuable content for the marketer’s target audience. Content that is found valuable among a social community are often the pieces of content that circulate the furthest. The content has to pass the “re-share” test in order to be considered valuable, according to Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist at graphic design platform Canva.

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B2B Content Preferences Survey: Buyers Want Short, Visual, Mobile-Optimized Content

DGR Content Preferences Survey coverB2B buyers are placing a greater emphasis on visual content throughout the purchasing lifecycle, and are accessing content much more frequently from smartphones and tablets. These trends have led to an even higher buyer reliance on content than ever before to assist in research and purchasing decisions.

Those are just a few of the trends identified in Demand Gen Report’s 2014 Content Preferences Survey, which polled more than 100 B2B buyers  about their use of content in making purchasing decisions. Of the respondents, almost one third (32%) held positions in an IT department, while 19% worked in professional services. C-level executives represent 24% of the respondents.

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