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DGR286 2024 State Of AccountBasedStrategies 042024 LP Header

Promoting Customer-Centricity & Streamlined Messaging By Evaluating Marketing Automation Solutions

The 2024 State Of Marketing Automation Automation might make the marketing world go ‘round, but it’s also completely bogging…

June 12
B2B Marketing Exchange
B2BMX East Home Pagw

B2B Marketing Exchange East 2024: The Latest News on Sessions, Speakers & Experiences

About B2BMX East Since 2019, the B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange has brought together thousands of B2B practitioners looking to level up…

Industry News June 12
Business development to success and growing growth concept.busin

Outreach Introduces New Suite Of AI-Driven Tools

Outreach, a sales execution platform, released a suite of new capabilities designed to provide clear guidance, feedback and…

Industry News June 12
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B2B Marketing Exchange East
Pam Didner on stage at the B2B Marketing Exchange

Reinvent Your GTM & Demand Gen Strategies At B2BMX East With Pam Didner

It’s tough to find two more topics that are more top-of-mind for B2B practitioners than artificial intelligence (AI)…

Blog June 11
reclaim ai smart meetings full calendar Smart Meetings Seeks To Automate Scheduling Across All Attendees’ Calendars is an AI calendar app designed to automatically schedule meetings, tasks, habits and breaks around a user’s…

Solution Spotlight June 11
Pavilion Trust Radius
Economic cycle to study up and down on stock market, booming or recession, business cycle for marketing, statistic or data analysis concept, businessman with magnifier on economic cycle diagram.

The Average B2B Deal Cycle Lasts 6 Months: New Research

B2B deal cycles are moving quickly, as 87% of B2B technology buyers indicated their purchase was completed within…

Industry News June 10
Data-driven sales training mock up with author headshot

Elevating Your CX Strategy Through Data-Driven Sales

One key to sales is building strong customer relationships and, while one would expect this to translate directly…

Demanding Views June 7
Gen AI Buddy Agent View

Zingly Enters The Market $10M In Seed Funding generated $10 million in seed funding to launch its collaborative customer experience platform, which seeks to combine…

Industry News June 6
Young creative business people meeting at office.

Contentstack Unveils AI & Automation-Powered ‘Personalization Reimagined’

Contentstack, a headless content management system, released “Personalization Reimagined,” a series of innovations design to address long-standing personalization…

Industry News June 5
Realm B2B
Artificial intelligence (AI) is used by businessmen in document management systems, online documentation databases, and digital file storage systems or software, record keeping, database technology

Despite 75% Integration Rate, Just 21% Of Marketers Actively Utilize AI

Although AI has high adoption and integration rates, new research from marketing agency Realm B2B revealed that only…

Industry News June 5
Generation Z conceptual illustration with bright and vibrant colors and diverse people from different backgrounds working in the office

The B2B Marketer’s Guide To Gaining Traction With Gen Z Buyers

As if the B2B buyer’s journey hasn’t changed enough over the past few years, Gen Z is challenging…

Industry News June 4
Demand Spring
mockup of a man working on his macbook with his glasses over his desk with Demand Spring home page up

Demand Spring AI Services Seek To Optimize Marketing Strategies, Boost Productivity

Demand Spring is an integrated revenue marketing consultancy that seeks to help marketing organizations scale their pipeline and…

Solution Spotlight June 4
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