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6 Proven Methods To Drive B2B Demand With Better Business Data

Even with the best of intentions, data management procedures don't always equate to pristine data. The challenges are only magnified as sales and marketing professionals now have an abundance of data and analytics at their disposal. More data amplifies the noise.

How do companies attack this problem? Innovations in data science and collection methods will lead the way to better business data. Relying on humans to collect and clean your data will not produce the results that you need to ensure that you're reaching the right prospects.

This E-book examines how recent innovations in B2B data have led to six strategies for improving demand generation, including customer use cases explaining how it all comes together. Topics covered include:

  • Streamlining data collection;
  • Using all available data;
  • Supporting better messaging with real-time data;
  • Developing a single source of truth to drive revenue;
  • Modeling more effectively with a strong data foundation; and
  • Making more informed decisions on financing risk and personalizing outreach.

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