AskFrank By Sinch Aims To Streamline Customer Support With AI

Published: March 28, 2023

Sinch’s cloud communications platform is designed to help businesses reach anyone through mobile messaging, email, voice and video in seconds. More than 150,000 businesses, including many of the world’s largest companies and mobile operators, use Sinch’s advanced technology platform to engage with their customers.

The Lowdown

AskFrank is Sinch’s AI-enabled intelligent search engine. It is designed to augment how quickly and accurately customer service chatbots can answer questions by mining a company’s internal knowledge base along with external resources (spanning more than 100 languages). It’s called “AskFrank” due to its ability to provide answers that are frank, direct and honest.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

AskFrank is an API-based conversational search engine. Any business with an FAQ page or customer support service can benefit from it, and? with its API, it can be integrated with conversational AI platforms, contact center solutions, web sites and any knowledge base. Benefits of the tool include:

  • Chatbot enhancement: Provides answers to questions not available in a chatbot’s database;
  • Live chat: Designed to make agents super efficient; and
  • Search box: No SEO/keyword engineering is needed; users can just index their page and AskFrank will understand the content.

Additionally, AskFrank is designed to:

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  • Reduce the number of common questions forwarded to specialty agents by 30%;
  • Build more sophisticated AI chatbots faster and easier; and
  • Unify existing content from multiple sources — FAQs, SharePoint, etc.

Who It’s For

Sinch built AskFrank for businesses, developers and consumers alike.

What It Solves

With AskFrank, businesses can build their AI chatbots faster and more easily by connecting AskFrank to existing internal and external knowledge bases. Likewise, companies can respond to customer inquiries in more than 100 languages, improving accuracy and efficiency across communication channels. Additionally, AskFrank reduces the number of common questions to the contact center, allowing agents to focus on solving the more challenging issues.

What Makes It Special

Unlike other search engines using keywords, AskFrank searches content based on the subject and the meaning. It can quickly respond to customers on any of their preferred channels and understand more than 100 different languages, even slang, delivering accurate answers by combining content from multiple sources.


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