Mobly Aims To Streamline Qualified Lead Collection With Mobile-First Tool

Published: October 3, 2023

Mobly Inc. is a mobile-first software platform designed to capture qualified leads at in-person events and get them in CRM and marketing automation platforms (MAPs) faster. Founded in 2023, Mobly helps provide field marketing, demand generation, sales and revenue leaders with more accurate records, pipeline visibility, forecasting and continuity across their operations.

The Lowdown

Mobly is a mobile SaaS platform for B2B companies designed to automate lead capture and qualification at any event and sync information in CRM and MAP systems in seconds for faster marketing and sales follow-up.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Mobly is an event-agnostic mobile platform that aims to quickly put qualified leads into the hands of marketing and sales so they can:

  • Search contacts or use AI-powered optical character recognition to scan text on badges or business cards to capture lead information;
  • Enrich the information with accurate contact, company and social media data from the Mobly database, publicly available information and partner data sources;
  • Drive immediate engagement with leads in Mobly with a call, text, email or social media message; and
  • Automatically sync all information and activity in CRM or MAP for better records, pipeline visibility, forecasting and continuity across operations.

Who It’s For

Mobly aims to help field marketing, demand generation, sales and RevOps leaders across any industry capture qualified leads from every event, drive immediate customer engagement and gather more accurate insights to speed the sales cycle and drive greater revenue.

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What It Solves

Companies are forced to use expensive event-specific badge scanners and wait too long for inaccurate information. Capturing and qualifying leads is highly manual and spreadsheet intensive. This slows marketing and sales follow-up, creates cold opportunities and leads to missed revenue.

What Makes It Special

The Mobly platform doesn’t need event APIs or registration databases. Companies can control and automate capturing and qualifying leads at any event, get more accurate information faster for all leads and eliminate data entry so sales can focus on building relationships.



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