MRP Prelytix Is Designed To Power ABM Campaigns With Real-Time AI

Published: December 2, 2019

MRP Prelytix is an ABM Platform designed to power global enterprise programs. The technology and services aim to help identify the needs and buyer’s journey stage of each target account and apply real-time AI to trigger orchestrations across seven channels, in 20 languages.


Prelytix offers a variety of tools to power lead intelligence, marketing campaigns and execution. Key features include:

Lead Intelligence:

  • Account-level Insights, designed to help determine the correlation between ad exposure and site visits, assets downloaded, content, leads generated, etc.
  • Lead Analysis, which helps prioritize leads through lead scoring, market insights, account-level insights, etc.
  • Segmentation, which provides customer and prospect segmentation capabilities, which in turn aims to assist marketing prioritization and effectiveness.
  • Predictive Scoring designed to automatically score prospects based on behavior and engagement levels.
  • Account Identification, which aims to help identify and distribute accounts internally, giving prioritization to those that are more likely to convert to sales.

Marketing Campaigns:

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  • Omnichannel Tracking, which provides tracking across multiple digital advertising channels, such as video, mobile and social media.
  • Revenue Planning designed to help allocate marketing budget based predicted amount of incoming revenue.
  • Media Attribution, which aims to assist in the attribution of marketing budget by identifying successful campaigns and initiatives.
  • Opportunity Timeline, which provides a timeline that helps visualize the effects of individual campaigns, leads and other opportunities.
  • Customization, which allows for custom report types to match the goals of a company.
  • Journey Analytics, which provides tools to analyze every stage of the customer journey to customize an account-based funnel.

Campaign Execution:

  • Email Campaigns designed to connect sales emails with cross-sell/upsell marketing campaigns across multiple channels.
  • Website Personalization, which provides tools that dynamically serve content, messaging and calls-to-action.
  • Prioritized Accounts designed to help determine which accounts have the highest/lowest opportunity to convert.


MRP Prelytix’s target audience includes mid-range to large enterprises that serve multiple geographies, lines of business or industries. These enterprises require a flexible, mature and scalable ABM solution that can support global companies and coordinate execution across multiple marketing channels.


While integrated custom engagement data includes hardened connections directly into SFDC, Siebel, Eloqua, REST API, Marketo, HubSpot and Pardot, MRP Prelytix enables client systems to behave like ABM tools, making ABM a consistent strategy across client teams and technology.


MRP Prelytix is delivered via software-as-a-service (SaaS) and licensed on an annual subscription basis and is customized to meet the needs and objectives of clients.


MRP works with more than 450 companies, including Oracle, HPE, SAP and Thomson Reuters, managing over 1,000 engagements across the globe. 


For enterprise organizations that serve multiple geographies, lines of business or industries, MRP Prelytix is an ABM platform designed to give you control of your data, visibility into your target market and scale in the delivery of the highest impact engagement strategy.


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