Outreach Unveils New Sales Execution Platform Capabilities

Published: August 22, 2023

Outreach is a sales execution platform designed to assist market-facing teams with creating and predictably closing more pipeline. From prospecting to deal management to forecasting, the platform leverages automation and AI to help revenue leaders increase efficiency and effectiveness of all go-to-market (GTM) activities and personnel across the revenue cycle.

The Lowdown

Outreach launched seven new platform innovations across its sales execution platform. The new capabilities aim to empower sales leaders to unlock seller productivity at a time when sales professionals are expected to do more with less, increase deal velocity and conversion rates and increase rep participation and attainment.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Outreach’s newest features bring never-before-seen capabilities together in the company’s Sales Execution Platform. New innovations include:

  • Create and Close Dashboard: Designed to provide sales reps and managers a high-level pipeline coverage summary and starting points to dive into specific activities required to close or create more pipeline.
  • Create Pipeline Calculator: Allows sales reps and managers with weak pipeline coverage to gain insights into the number of prospects that would need to be sequenced to close their coverage gap.
  • Buyer Topics and Reactions in Kaia: Uses AI to understand the contextual utterance of any 14 relevant sales topics (i.e., budget, legal, support), measuring buyer reactions and topics of interest that can be new indicators of deal management and progression.
  • Success Plans Methodologies: Designed to set sellers up with a clear plan based on leading sales methodologies (i.e., MEDDIC, MEDDPICC, SPIN Selling) and guides them along so they know exactly what needs to be completed to ensure consistency with their sales methodology.
  • Deal Grid: Sorts deals by health score and value so reps can prioritize their time on closing deals with the greatest needs and quota impact first.
  • Deal Overview: Delivers a succinct overview of every deal exhibiting key information, including AI generated insights like Deal Health and buyer reactions.
  • Pipeline Dashboard: Provides sales leaders with the most critical revenue data on a consistent basis to accurately forecast.

Who It’s For

The newest innovations to Outreach’s sales execution platform are made for the modern B2B sales organization – from reps to managers to top GTM leaders. It’s for any sales team that’s looking to build more pipeline and convert more deals. More than 6,000 companies, including Zoom, Siemens, Okta, DocuSign and McKesson, depend on Outreach to power their revenue organizations.

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What It Solves

Outreach’s latest platform innovations aim to give sellers full visibility into the entire buyer journey — from creation to close — providing them with the insights and actions needed to perform more efficiently and effectively in today’s challenging sales environment.

What Makes It Special

According to the company, the industry has never had a single place to generate and manage pipeline, run sales cycles from creation to close, coach reps and forecast – until now.  


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