Scratchpad Sales Calendar Aims To Streamline Intelligence & Calendars Within Unified Workspaces

Published: August 16, 2021

The Sales Calendar solution from workspace organization platform Scratchpad is designed to unify calendars, sales notes and Salesforce data to help users manage their workspaces and enable more efficient workflows and selling opportunities.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The solution is designed to connect an organization’s customer insights, contact data and sales conversation notes for a single source of truth, helping sales reps manage their tasks directly from their calendars and update sales data in real time. Users can cut down on the time it takes for manual data entry and management to ensure the deal hand-off to revenue teams is accurate and seamless.

In addition, Sales Calendar works in tandem with Salesforce to bring data insights directly to sales reps’ calendars, email inboxes and CRMs for workflows that are insight-driven without having to leave their other in-house applications.

Who It’s For

Sales Calendar is designed for account executives, SDRs, RevOps teams and SalesOps teams hoping to improve their data flows, deal forecasting and deal hand-offs.

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What Makes It Special

The Scratchpad platform allows users to create workspaces that encompass all spreadsheets, sales notes, calendars, sales processes and project management tools into an organized, efficient workflow. Scratchpad is an offshoot of Salesforce, enabling users to store and leverage customer data quickly while keeping their own CRMs up to date.



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